16 Dec

Gary Sinise:A man for all services ~ Thank you Gary For Supporting Our Troops

Actor Gary Sinise shows his Presidential Citizens Medal outside the White House in Washington, DC after receiving the medal from US President George W. Bush for his work supporting American soldiers on December 10, 2008.

Sinise: A man for all services
The Washington Times
Since war became a geographically distant but very real way of life after Sept. 11, 2001, no Hollywood star has stepped up to support active duty U.S. military personnel and wounded veterans like Gary Sinise. There is no close second. And quietly, as is in his nature, he is becoming something akin to this generation´s Bob Hope.
One step in conferring this worthy title on the award-winning actor, director and producer occurred last week when President Bush bestowed on him the Presidential Citizens Medal, the second highest civilian honor awarded to citizens for exemplary deeds performed in service of the nation. Previous recipients include Henry “Hank” Aaron, Muhammad Ali, Colin L. Powell and Bob Dole.
While the White House ceremony flew under the radar of most of the media, most notably the entertainment press, word has trickled out to many of his countless admirers in and out of the military. And on the occasion of him receiving the award, they want America to take in their words of praise for, as Sharon Tyk in the USO of Illinois put it, this “gallant American patriot.”

Michael Yon, a Special Forces vet and the pre-eminent war journalist of our time, communicated his admiration in a dispatch from Bahrain: “Gary is a true friend of the American soldier. He does not hesitate to travel into war zones to express his admiration and personal support for those who defend us. He visits wounded soldiers, some of whom I personally know. All love him.

“Soldiers from privates to generals admire Gary for his dedication to a cause greater than any of us. Gary’s dedication went much further. He personally supported sending millions of dollars worth of school and clothing supplies to Iraqi children. I saw this effort with my own eyes. Gary Sinise is a Great American.”

In 2004, “Seabiscuit” author Laura Hillenbrand with Mr. Sinise founded Operation Iraqi Children, a nonprofit group dedicated to helping the U.S. military distribute school supplies in the war-stricken country.

“For a lot of celebrities, charitable work equals photo opportunity and nothing more,” Miss Hillenbrand wrote in an e-mail. “For Gary, giving of himself, and giving to his country, is what makes life meaningful and joyful. It is perhaps the most essential part of his character, and it is his passion.”

Mr. Sinise not only “supports the troops,” but he champions their mission as well.

“I have seen Iraqi kids climbing on our soldiers and hugging them and kissing them,” Mr. Sinise said. “I have seen their smiling faces and their attempts to say ‘I love you’ in broken English. The folks I saw had hope in their eyes and gratitude in their hearts for what was done for them.”

Mr. Sinise, who currently stars in “CSI: New York,” is best known for his Oscar-nominated turn as Lt. Dan Taylor in “Forrest Gump,” which won the best picture Academy Award in 1994.
Lt. Dan – the iconic character who lost his limbs in the Vietnam War – created a connection between Mr. Sinise and veterans that reached far beyond the big screen.

“His superb performance brought awareness of the lifelong sacrifice of disabled veterans into the public consciousness in a remarkably positive way,” said retired Maj. Gary Weaver of the U.S. Marine Corps and national director of communications for Disabled American Veterans.

In 2004, Mr. Sinise, wanting to do more, formed the Lt. Dan Band, a jam band created almost exclusively to entertain the troops in and out of war zones.

“It´s very important that you know we are grateful,” the bass guitar playing Mr. Sinise recently said while performing at the Pentagon. “The sacrifice you and your families make – you are not forgotten.”

Miss Tyk recalled their first performance: “There were only about 30 of us present – at tops – at the Great Lakes Naval Base. I said to my colleague, ‘Oh, another actor band.’ Then the magic happened. During the break, Gary took the microphone and addressed the troops from the heart. He spoke about his commitment to them, to our country and how much he appreciated their willingness to protect and fight for our freedoms. That is the moment I knew he was the ‘genuine article.’ You could actually feel his love for them.”

Miss Tyk recalled another memorable experience with Mr. Sinise.

“We picked up Gary at 5 a.m.,” she wrote. “I felt somewhat crabby because I had to get up very, very early to get him to the CBS studios. There he was in front of the residence waiting for us with a smile on his face eagerly waiting to help. I thought to myself, Sharon you need to learn a lesson from this man. Look at him, he´s honored and thrilled to help and he´s not even getting paid to do this and you are! His love for the mission that day completely changed my thought process. He is the perfect example of ‘you teach what you live.’ ”

Lt. Col. Scott Rainey concurred: “If I have learned anything from over 25 years of being around troops it is that they are among the most perceptive of souls. It is virtually impossible to ‘pull the wool over their eyes.’ Insincerity and falseness are immediately recognized for what they are and those who demonstrate these characteristics are quickly marginalized and ignored. What I learned within the first 10 minutes of meeting Gary Sinise at a dusty airbase in Kuwait last July was that these character flaws are completely absent in this patriotic and selfless man.”

Spc. Jason M. Hale, who encountered Mr. Sinise at Camp Ramadi, e-mailed: “He was the only celebrity that came to take pictures with us where we worked on base, and you had the feeling that if he could, he would have grabbed a weapon and gone on patrol with us. That’s how much he connected with the troops. He’s one of those Hollywood guys who doesn’t act like he’s from Hollywood, and to those who are living in the desert, putting their lives on the line, that’s quite refreshing.”

To get a sense of the scope of what Mr. Sinise means to soldiers like Spc. Hale, filmmaker and Army 82nd Airborne veteran Jonathan Flora followed him and his band to Afghanistan and Iraq in 2008. He recounts one time when he witnessed one of Mr. Sinise´s typical interactions with the troops.

“It was hot, Iraq hot when we stopped at a check point before entering an FOB (Forward Operating Base). Gary began speaking with a soldier through the window and soon we were all standing outside so he could have his picture taken with him and a few of his buddies. Soon there were at least fifty guys around him and he greets each one as he always does. This is an unscheduled stop and we are being urged to move on so as to be on time for his next stop, but Gary, still, meets with each one and gives them their time. Finally, we have to move on as he says good-bye to the last soldier.

“As we are about to get into the vehicle we hear the guys yelling and in the distance is one more soldier. He is dressed in full battle-rattle humping as fast as he can in this unbearable heat to get to Gary before he leaves. He had just been relieved from his point and heard that Gary Sinise had stopped by the check point, and he was determined not to miss him. Gary without hesitation stopped and waited and he greeted this young man as if he was the first man in line, full of enthusiasm and appreciation.

“When we did finally get into the vehicle I mentioned to Gary how I observe how he makes each and every man or woman feel special and appreciated, he paused in thought before answering, as he often does, and then says with a heavy heart, ‘It’s because we don’t know what the next hour holds for them. As tired as I might get sometimes, and I do, it is nothing compared to what they go through day-after-day with the price they are so readily willing to pay.’ ”

Fox News will be broadcasting Mr. Flora´s one-hour special in prime time on Jan. 10.
Deb Rickert of Operation Support our Troops said it best about Mr. Sinise, the recipient of the Presidential Citizens Medal.

“In an age when the public often lavishes epitaphs of greatness on celebrities merely because they are famous, the military community bestows the simple title of friend on Gary Sinise truly because that is what he is to us.”

VIDEO of Lt. Dan at Great Lakes Naval Base
In the video at the beginning part of it Gary introduces Kimo Williams Guitar. Kimo is a Vietnam Veteran.
Kimo Williams first worked with Gary as composer for a Steppenwolf production of Streetcar Named Desire. After learning of Gary’s talents on the bass, Kimo encouraged him to do more playing, and over the years they enjoyed the occasional jam session. As Gary began what has turned out to be an extraordinary commitment to the USO, these jams eventually led to gigs in the Chicago area, gathering local talent and performing for troops and their families.
Following one of his many trips overseas to visit those serving our country, he decided it was time to bring the band with him! With Kimo’s help a talented group of musicians came together to form “The Lt. Dan Band”.
“Lieutenant Dan” is the character Gary portrayed in the 1994 film Forrest Gump, a role for which he earned an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor. As Gary began visiting troops around the world, people (even little kids) who didn’t know him as Gary Sinise, the actor, would recognize him as “Lt.Dan”. Those in the military also seem to identify strongly with the character. And so the name for his group was an easy choice: Lt. Dan Band!

Wild Thing’s comment……….
Gary is for real and a low key person, a lot like Nicholas. He takes life seriously but will not be the one to brag about his accompolishments or even this award. It will mean a lot to him, a tremendous thing, but Gary is not the type to blow his own horn. I think the troops see that too in the kind of person Gary is and that he is serious about his support for them. Just like the article says.
Bob Hope was like that as well . His home was filled with awards on the walls and sitting on end tables. He was very grateful for them but was not one to brag about getting them. Unless a person went to his home, few would have known the countless awards he received. He truly loved the troops as well. I love that Gary was compared to Bob Hope like the article has done.
I have posted about Gary several times and the troops reaction to him. It has been with a huge smile on my face and my heart smiling too to see someone that truly cares about our awesome troops, also the injured at the hospitals and our Veterans. He has been all over the world to see our troops. Iraq, Belgium (SHAPE military base), Ramstein AB, Germany, Afghanistan, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, etc.
The Presidential Citizens Medal is well deserved by Gary Sinise for his support of our military and the Operation Iraqi Children program.
Gary also was given the Catholics In Media Award (CIMA) Humanitarian Award in 2005 for his work in Iraq. During his speech, this very humble man spoke about how his wife was the catalyst behind everything he does. He thanked her for everything. He is the man he is because of her. Then he thanked his partner in the relief efforts and said that it was because of her that they were so successful.

……Thank you RAC for sending this to me.
RAC has a website that is awesome. 336th Assault Helicopter Company
13th Combat Aviation Battalion – 1st Aviation Brigade – Soc Trang, Republic of Vietnam

James M says:

Congratulations to Gary! There was always something I liked about this man from the first time I saw him.I think it was when he played Stewart,”East Texas” in “The Stand”. One of my favorite books. My wife and I are glad to see this award go to such a wonderful person. God bless you Gary.

TomR says:

Gary Sinise doesn’t seem to slow down in his support of the military. He is mentioned quite frequently in the DAV magazine for his volunteer work for veterans.
The fact that the entertainment press chose to not mention Gary’s Presidential Citizens Medal tells me what a true honor it really is.

Jack says:

Thank you for posting Chrissie, thank you RAC. One statement from above defines Gary best:
“Mr. Sinise not only “supports the troops,” but he champions their mission as well.”
That say’s he isn’t just there for the cameras and that he is sincere. Tom is spot on about how the entertainment press ignored this event. Gary has put his reputation and his career on the line in his steadfast support. Thank you Gary Sinise

Eden says:

I saw live interview of Gary this morning on FOX. I just love the guy. I watch rerun of CSI NY just because he’s on it.
Great stuff!

Mark says:

Forrest Gump is the only movie I saw him in and recognized the face but couldn’t place the face. Until I read the thread.
Tom is right he gets no notice from the hollywierdo’s so he has got to be a good guy. Especially doing work for the DAV. And the Presidential medal is great news.

Les says:

Gary Sinise is a welcome exception to the massive anti-American Hollyweird crowd the Dems and MSM are constantly promoting and trying to brainwash the public with. He is the real thing and a class act.

Old Soldier says:

He is a true hero to the military. I have allways admired him, and it is frustrting at how the main stream media tend to overlook him. I don’t think he really cares, he dosen’t do what he does for fame, he just does it because it’s the right thing to do. To Gary (Lt Dan). Hand salute.

darthcrUSAderworldtour07 says:

“That’s Lieutenant Dan!…..Don’t salute me *sshole, there’s snipers in those trees!”
What a great patriot he really is!

cuchieddie says:

Attention Gary Sinese: HOOAH

Wild Thing says:

James M. thank you for sharing about that.

Wild Thing says:

Tom, your right, the media hardly ever mention him and even with this award they said nothing.

Wild Thing says:

Jack, well said, yes he puts everything on the line and is very serious about his support.

Wild Thing says:

Eden we watch that show too and for the same reason. That is great you saw his interview this morning.

Wild Thing says:

Mark, yes he is a lot different then the typical hollywood weirdo that’s for sure. Like night and day compared to almost all of the rest of them.

Wild Thing says:

Les, I agree he really is an exception. There have been many that are not the weirdo types but no one has done as much as Gary has for the troops since Bob Hope.

Wild Thing says:

Old Soldier, your right, I don’t think he minds either. He has a life outside of his work in films and TV and he knows what is important in life.

Wild Thing says:

Darth, giggle. Love it!!

Wild Thing says:

cuchieddie, love the sound of the HOOAH, oh yesssss.