29 Aug

Identity Theft Actor James Woods Proves Crime Does Not Pay

Identity Theft Actor James Woods Proves Crime Does Not Pay
James Woods, who played an LA prosecutor on Shark, has set a great example for dealing with identity theft. Woods told Michael Glynn at The Enquirer that he was horrified to learn that someone had charged thousands of dollars on his credit card.
The crook had bought a computer and purchased two VIP tickets to the recent Dave Matthews concert at the Staples Centerin LA for $3,700.
The fraudulent charges were deducted from his bill, but James was determined to find the guilty party. He called the Staples center and cleverly told them he hadn’t received his tickets yet – that he wanted to verify the correct name and address. Incredibly, the crook had used his own real name and address. James realized he’d eaten at a restaurant just blocks from where the crook lived.
He then called the restaurant and tracked down a guilty waiter. Woods handed the info to the Beverly Hills police and they arrested the guy.

Wild Thing’s comment…….
Woods is a good guy.
When I saw this story about Wood’s it reminded me of another thing that happened to him. He observed and reported four hijackers making a trial run on an airline flight before the September 11 terrorist attacks on America.

Lynn says:

He is. He’s also extremely intelligent. I’ve read he’s in MENSA and he’s a republican.
He loves this country, right or wrong and tries to do what’s right.
I’ve also read that he heard chatter about the planes before 911 and he tried to tell someone in authority, but they didn’t believe him.
He’s also a pretty fine actor.

Horace says:

James Woods proves that even movie stars can be real Americans. Run him for Pres or Vice Pres and I’ll vote for him.

Trish says:

My respect for this man just keeps going up and up.

TomR says:

Justice is sweet. I am glad he got this waiter. That is a common scam by waiters and waitresses to copy credit card numbers and security codes.
James Woods has always played interesting parts and played them well.

Wild Thing says:

Lynn, yes he is a good actor, I have always liked his work. Your right too he does love America and sure showed it that day he turned those terrorists guys in, and all he had to go by were their actions and how they looked. He was right about them but he could have stayed silent and he didn’t.

Wild Thing says:

Horace, yes he sure does. This kind of thing can happen to anyone. And yes I love how he handled it. giggle fantastic.

Wild Thing says:

Trish, mine too, I loved reading about how he took care of this.

Wild Thing says:

Tom, yes isn’t that something how so many that do this are waiters and waitresses.