17 Oct

Disney Bans “God” From The Ten Commandments Movie Ads

Disney Bans “God” From The Ten Commandments Movie Ads
The Conservative Voice
This report will leave you scratching your head in disbelief. In an incredibly irrational move that is shocking even by Disney standards, Radio Disney has required Promenade Pictures to remove the words “chosen by God” from radio ads promoting the new film, The Ten Commandments.”
The controversy was caused by an email from a Disney employee to a media buyer about the proposed ads, stating:

“Our BS&P said both scripts need to include the studio mention and omit the following line: CHOSEN BY GOD … Please let me know if you have any questions.” Ok, I have a question. Why would anyone think it necessary or even rational to censor the word “God” from an ad about a Biblical film? The Disney/ABC BS&P (Bureau of Standards and Practices) censors have taken a misguided step off the politically-correct cliff.

Frank Yablans, the founder and CEO of Promenade Pictures who worked with Walt Disney himself, asked us, “Who does Disney Radio think chose Moses – Tinkerbell?” If Walt Disney were alive and leading Disney today, he would have put an end to this nonsense.

I predict that Disney’s misguided censorship will backfire. Liberty Counsel is already receiving emails from disgusted people who are giving up on ABC, Disney and related companies. Disney needs to apologize for its actions and admit that G-o-d is not a four-letter word.

Wild Thing’s comment……..
I guess if it was allah it would be ok. And to you freaking Muslims reading this allah was a moon god, own it, realize it and bug off. We are talking about the one true God.

TomR says:

Disney Productions has come a long way, a wrong way, since Dumbo and Bambi. Like most 50’s kids I grew up on Disney. When I was about 11, we travelled to Disneyland for our summer vacation. My little brother and I revelled in it. Our parents enjoyed it. Disney was synonomous with clean, wholesome entertainment.
Now, way too much is controversial about Disney. I guess it is a sign of the times. Probably no one is sadder than Walt.

Lynn says:

But the Ten Commandments came from God’s word.
Who is in charge over there at Disney? Walt would be turning over in his grave!
Disney is family fare. Leave God in there.
The Mooslims don’t care about the Ten Commandments–they have their own.
Duh! Makes me mad at Disney.

SSgt Steve, USMC says:

I gave up on Disney many years ago. Like TomR, my wife and I grew up with Disney. And for awhile, when our children were young, our kids had Disney merchandise and have been to Disney Land and Disney World.
Then all of a sudden the Disney company was BIG supporters of the Gay lifestyle. They were the first company (that I am aware of) that gave gay employee benefits to “partners” and “whatever”. I came unglued.
ALL Disney stuff and movies went to the trash and ANYTHING connected with Disney is forbidden in my home. And now this! Disney executives: you are so obtuse and weird, why don’t you just “sit on it and rotate”?
Serial Rapists, Animal Abusers, Child Molesters and other sexual deviants don’t have special rights. Why should Homos have them?

Mark says:

Not to include God in the commercials is basphemy. The Ten Commandments is God.
Disney is re-making ‘The Ten Commandments ‘ ? No way. There is only one Ten Commandments movie. And Moses was and still is Charlton Heston.
There are not enough quality actors left in Hollywierd to play parts in a movie of this magnitude.
Who is Disney going to get to play Moses, geroge clooney or Danny DaVito which is about their speed.

Wild Thing says:

Tom, I loved the old Disney and those were wonderful films when we were kids.
It has changed a lot and not for the better.

Wild Thing says:

Lynn, it is shameful what they want to do. How can a person seperate the two is beyond wrong.

Wild Thing says:

SSgt Steve, USMC, your so right, Disney has changed, they have followed the pressure of outside gay groups and other things. They could have made a difference and stood strong but they chose not to.

Wild Thing says:

Mark, the one you mentioned with Heston for me too will be the only one.
I was surprised they were making another one. Now after finding out about them wanting to leave God out, I have to wonder what else they will rewrite about what happened.

darthcrUSAderworldtour07 says:

There’s only two TEN COMMANDMENT realities: Exodus 20 and the Cecile B. Demille classic starring Charlton Heston and Yul Brenner! The real Walt Disney is turning over in his grave. Like Isaiah says in the Old Testament, beware of the false prophets and what’s good is evil and evil good…And Disney has the gall to make $$$ in their new Holy Land Experience theme park? Are you kidding me?

Wild Thing says:

Darth, it’s really something, huh.