14 Mar

Chely Wright A Song About A USMC Bumper Sticker

Wild Thing’s comment……..
This is awesome by Chely Wright, she tells the story of the song, how she went to Iraq, how her brother is serving in the Marine Corp. Fantastic!! Yes is it brought tears to my eyes of such pride in our trroops.

…Thank you John 5 (VN 69/70) for sending me this video.

TomR says:

A song based on a true event. Kinda neat. I am glad the troops like it. Country music’s pride in America is a great thing, unlike so much of the rest of the entertainment industry. And NASCAR’s attention to patriotism puts most of the rest of sportsdom to shame. Jest sump’m ’bout them Red State folks!

raz0r says:

That was nice Chrissie. I love the South.

Wild Thing says:

Tom, I love how NASCAR supports our troops and the fans of NASCAR.