02 Mar

WW11 Song Candyman

Christina Aguilera “Candyman” from the WW11 era….GREAT song and dance number, I love this!

Jack says:

Outstanding!!! This old anachronism just loves the era tunes and the big bands. Christina does a great job on this tune, it was a bit risque for the era. Thanks, you’ve made the morning.

TomR says:

I don’t know anything about Christina, but I sure enjoyed this video. Makes me think of some of the music from when I was a tiny-tot.

Wild Thing says:

Jack. thank you, I love that era, it was before all of our time, but the songs were fabulous, with real words, unlike the rap of today that has no real singing.

Wild Thing says:

Tom, me too, that was a great era for music and movies too.

Beth Donovan says:

Wow, I love it! Christina Aguilera’s dad was in the Army – I wonder if she did this song because of that?
She did a fantastic job of it, either way!

Wild Thing says:

Hi Beth great to see you. I didn’t know that about her Dad, thank you so much for sharing about it.