25 Oct

Beccy Cole Sings ” Poster Girl”

Beccy Cole is from Australia and in this video she is singing Beccy Cole who is singing “Poster Girl”.
She went to Iraq to entertain the troops and some of her fans did not like it so she wrote this song for them.

Wild Thing’s comment…….
Everone please listen to her song. You don’t have to be an Aussie to appreciate the patriotism
God bless the Diggers. And God bless Australia. And God bless Beccy.
The Aussies are great and it was also wonderful to get to meet a few of them in Saigon.

Jack says:

Wow, what message and what a voice. It’s refreshing to hear something positive for a change from our down under allies. I knew the Aussies were in Vietnam but never met any while there, a few ROK’s yes. They are very close to some of the worst fanatics in the world and need to be on our side in this anti-fascist battle.

TomR says:

This is the Aussie spirit I always knew. She sings well and I really enjoyed the lyrics.

Nick Byram says:

Thank you so much for finding that.
For months, an ugly and angry thought had been going through my head: “Some Muslim terrorists ought to hunt down and rape Natalie Maines and the Dixie Chicks.”
Instead of all that range and anger, I think I will instead buy Beccy Cole’s CD’s from Amazon, if they can’t be found in the stores here.
Beccy, you just picked up a Yank fan.

Wild Thing says:

Jack I agree, she does a great job. She is a good singer, loves the troops and is pretty. I am so excited for her and proud of her too. I had never heard of her before, but I am so glad to know about her now. I wish more celebs would do this kind of thing.

Wild Thing says:

Tom, glad you like it too. I bet the troops loved her as well.

Wild Thing says:

Nick Byram, big smile. I agree Nick, seeing such a nice person like this Beccy do this, a good singer and loves the troops. It makes me so happy. Maybe others will do this more when they see how well she will do and how many of us appreciate her standing up for the troops.
Talented and beautiful and nice, she has it all. I hope she sells lots of CD’s.