19 Sep
TomR says:

This tune has been around for a while. I love it. How neat if it was sung at sporting events and political rallies. And at the UN, ha ha.

Tom Smith says:

hahahahahahahahahaha, my god that was so funny =P it’s kinda catchy too, lol are you trying to piss people off? =P hahahahahahhahahahahaa

Wild Thing says:

Tom I love this. It is fun to play it when we have so much happening against us. haha Kind of like a “take that” heh heh

Wild Thing says:

Tom Smith I sure am tying to tick off the Muslims. giggle

raz0r says:

Hey, that’s catchy. Got a good beat, can understand the lyrics, and you can dance to it. I give it a 10.

Wild Thing says:

razOr, giggle love your giving it a 10. I do too.

CrosSwords says:

An Insult to Islam….

According to Anjem Choudary, anyone who insults the message of Mohammed should be subject to execution. Choudary, the message of a previous post, has called for the execution of the Pope on that basis. So…what about the life of this man who is …