02 Sep

Cowards Attack Soldier

Suspects sought in attack on soldier

A uniformed National Guardsman was beaten up by a group of strangers Tuesday morning as he walked to a convenience store in Parkland, the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department reported Wednesday.
No arrests have been made in the attack and Pierce County sheriff’s deputies were seeking the public’s help in identifying the suspects.
The soldier was walking on 138th Street South between A Street South and Pacific Avenue about 8:30 a.m. Tuesday when an SUV pulled up beside him, deputies reported.
The driver asked the soldier if he was in the military and if he’d seen any action. The driver got out of the vehicle, pulled out a gun and shouted insults at the soldier, deputies reported.
Four others got out of the SUV, knocked the soldier to the ground and punched and kicked him. The five suspects then got back into the black SUV and fled.
The soldier’s injuries were not immediately known.
The driver of the SUV was described as a white man, 25 to 30 years old and 5 feet 10 with a heavy build. He had short, blond hair and wore a black T-shirt and jeans. The passengers were young men. Some wore red baseball hats and red sweatshirts, deputies reported.
Tacoma-Pierce County Crime Stoppers is offering up to $1,000 for information leading to arrests and charges filed in the assault. Callers remain anonymous.

Investigators suspect the man was attacked because of his uniform.
“The indication is it’s because he was a soldier,” sheriff’s spokesman Ed Troyer said. “There are some specific questions (the attackers asked) that were military related and what his involvement in the war was.”

Wild Thing’s comment……
Let’s note this, it was not even just one person that did this vile attack, it was a group. They came in a pack because they are cowards. A total of 5 of them, the driver and 4 others. People that do this kind of thing deserve the worst kind of punishment. Our military, our Veterans, our troops today do not deserve to be treated this way….EVER!
It makes me sick and angry at the same time. I hope they find out who the 5 cowards were and treat them the same way they treated this soldier and that is just for starters.
This Soldier can thank the DNC, Democrats in General, George Soros and his billions of “I hate America” dollars spent, and last of all, Liberal Propaganda supporting Terrorism and Terrorist Groups with their “America is at Fault!” “I hate Bush” “I hate the Military” chants, articles, and movies put out by the evil Left-Wing.

Jack, (Conservative Insurgent) thank you for the link and also I agree with you, it reminds me a lot of during the Nam war when things like this went on.