13 Apr

CAIR: Denied! ~ This is Good News!

On April 12, “The Hill” newspaper ran an article about a priority government telecommunications program called “Government Emergency Telecommunications Service” or “GETS”. GETS is designed to allow key government personnel access to telecommunications services in times of heavy use, such as during a national emergency.
The article goes on to point out that several non-government groups have requested a GETS card to allow them the same access to priority communications as granted to government personnel.
One of the groups requesting the GETS card was the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). CAIR, which calls itself the largest American Muslim organization in the United States, said it was “a major point of contact with the American Muslim community after the 2001 terrorist attacks.”
CAIR, which has proven ties to Islamic terrorism and has had Muslim terrorists as members, requested a priority “calling card” because they were a “major point of contact” following the 9-11 attacks?
This raises some questions:
1. Who would CAIR be calling?
2. Why would they be calling?
3. What would CAIR contribute to a post-attack scenario?
Why is CAIR requesting the card in the first place.has not CAIR claimed that every single Muslim terrorist attack world-wide (with few exceptions) is un-Islamic? So why would CAIR feel the need to get involved in something that, by their own words, does not involve Islam?
CAIR’s request for the GETS card was denied in less than three hours by the government contractor overseeing the program.
The reason? According to the contractor:

“.the group does not qualify for priority over lifesaving, law enforcement, the military, the National Guard, the Federal Emergency Management Agency and other members of the national-security emergency-preparedness community.”

Wild Thing’s comment……
Thank you GETS for making a wise decision! CAIR is NOT America friendly at ALL! CAIR is an enemy of America.

BobF says:

Interesting questions on who they would feel the need to call.

Wild Thing says:

I thought so too Bob, thanks for commenting on this.