31 Mar

Just a note

As of right now I belong to two hosting places. The one I had joined last weekend to attempt to remedy the crashing of my blog apparently is unable to handle the size of my blog and website. Of course they did not say that in their statements of what they promised in size etc. But when it comes to having a blog and a website size does matter in regards to a host and what they can handle.
I don’t know all the details as to how this happened so that I can explain it clearly but today, sometime this morning I guess the posts from March 24 up to the 30th have disappeared,and all of your marvelous comments which breaks my heart because you see I LOVE your comments so much. I learn from your sharing and input a lot and your humor as well makes my day!
So after I got home from work on Thursday, I signed up for the absolute top of the line host. It is ranked #1 on the list. It takes a few days for the new host to set things up at their end so right now I will have to make do with this the way it is.
My personality is one that never gives up when I believe in something or someone. A blog is like a living thing in some ways, as each person that has one shares a part of themselves in their writing, their interests in what they post about, and if like me a person that loves graphics, then their graphics as well and their sense of humor.
As friends like all of you stop by and comment it becomes a kind of home online to stop by and have a morning coffee with and discuss something happening in the world. Or a late night chat, rant or cheer as well. Thus making each one of you a large part of a blog and like a little blog family.
All these past few weeks of the site crashing, posts disappearing etc., come down to in reality as a drop in the bucket as far as an entire lifetime of what this blog will be from now on. It will be looked back on as a bump in the road and I feel this strongly. Every once and awhile in life when things happen that are at the time hard to take they build a strength within of not giving up and hanging in there.
The only thing that is devastating when it happens is when the site is down and the idiotic host puts a page up that says to contact the technical/ billing dept. Making it appear I am not paying. But in fact I have every payment receipt and have not missed one from day one with any host. It is just a page they choose to use instead of a sensible one saying the site is down come back later. I take this kind of thing very seriously. So when they do this it is very upsetting and that part I will never be able to laugh it off even later on.
Thank you for reading this. I just thought I should explain to you why your comments on the last few days have disappeared along with the posts.
And now back to the regular scheduled programing. hahaha

Jack Hamilton says:

You are a mind reader I read your blog every morning while having coffee and an English muffin and grapes. Then I check it a couple other time a day. We all know that you are not a deadbeat so dont worry about us.One of the reasons I love your blog is because of the Graphics it and your words let you shine through.You can tell this site belongs to a woman and I like it it’s nice.Makes me feel at home.

Wild Thing says:

Hi Jack I am so glad, thank you so much.

RightToCarry says:

Honored to be a member of this blog family. It’s 5 AM Sunday, reading and typing with a cup o jo. 🙂

Wild Thing says:

Hi RTC I am glad you are too, thank you.