24 Feb

Countries Line Up With Hamas (Terrorists)

Saudis Tell Rice They Won’t Isolate Hamas
Fox News
RIYADH, Saudi Arabia —

Saudi Arabia on Wednesday became the second Arab ally in as many days to reject the U.S. strategy of financially isolating Hamas if the terrorist group does not moderate its policies as leader of the Palestinians.
As Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice sat nearby, Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal said through a translator, “We wish not to link financial assistance to the Palestinian people to issues other than their dire humanitarian needs.”
A day earlier, Rice had stood by as Saud’s Egyptian counterpart said it was premature to cut off aid to a Hamas-led government.
Saud and Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit said the world should not “prejudge” Hamas, whose sweep in Palestinian elections last month stunned Washington and threw the Israeli-Palestinian peace process into new turmoil.
Earlier Wednesday, Rice pledged to a group of Egyptian democracy activists in Cairo that the United States would continue applying pressure on Egypt’s government to meet its promises of reform.
“One good thing about having the president stand for election and ask for the consent of the governed is that there is a program,” Rice told a group of dissidents, editors and professors.

Wild Thing’s comment…………
But let’s look at the rest that say kumbaya let’s give Hamas a chance.
Hamas’ Amen Corner from Frontpage

Most of the Muslim world is vying for opportunities to court Hamas, to curry favor with Hamas, to cut deals with Hamas. Muslim countries that virtually abandoned the Palestinian people under the leadership of Arafat and Abbas have embraced the new Hamas leadership.
Iran, Syria, Venezuela, Egypt, Jordan, Turkey
Jordan has invited Hamas for a visit, but only if their diplomatic mission is led by the number two diplomatic man, Abu Marzouk, and not by number one Khaled Mashal. In other words, Jordan will not permit Khaled Mashal, the chief diplomat for Hamas entry into their country. Jordan considers Mashal a destabilizing force, an irresponsible leader and a terrorist.
Turkey has just finished a sit-down with Hamas. The meetings took place in Syria. Turkey is trying to straddle the fence. They are a democracy but they are also a Muslim state.
Russia….On the surface it would seem somewhat surprising, even perplexing, to learn that Russia has extended a welcoming hand to Hamas.
Hamas would be happy to have it all. But above all comes ideology. And Hamas has done nothing, nothing at all, to suggest even the smallest modification in their ideological foundation. And that, my friends, does not bode well for our future.

Jack says:

The true color of our “friends” is showing. I’m old school, the cold war never really ended it morphed into what we see today. Vladimir is not our friend anymore than the Saudi Government is and the sooner the American public sees this the better.That includes Al Gore, Jimmy Carter, John Kerry, aw hell!!! They’re endless.

Wild Thing says:

Jack, the list sure is endless. And why people want to candy coat our so called friends I don’t get it.