14 Feb

Saddam’s Corner Throwing Hissy Fits

I coulda been a contender


A Haggard Saddam Forced to His Trial
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) –
(some text from the article)

Saddam Hussein was forced to attend his trial Monday, looking haggard and wearing an Arab robe rather than his usual suit but walking in on his own, shouting “Down with Bush!”
His top co-defendant and half brother Barzan Ibrahim – dressed only in an undershirt and long underwear – struggled with guards bringing him in and sat on the floor, his back to the judge, for much of the session.
Asked whether the signature and the handwriting at the bottom of the document were his, al- Samarrai said he could not be sure . “I don’t remember,” he said. “I don’t remember anything at all.”
“This is terrorism,” Saddam said of how the court treated the witness.
Ibrahim was physically forced into the room, shouting and struggling with guards holding him by the arms. Saddam and the other defendants walked in on their own, apparently having decided to comply with the judge’s order without guards compelling them.
But they made clear their opposition to being ordered to attend, shouting chants against President Bush and arguing vehemently with the judge. “Down with Bush. Long live the nation,” Saddam yelled, waving his finger, before sitting down.
Even their dress signaled their defiance. Ibrahim wore white undershirt and brown long underwear, his head bare without the Arab headdress he insisted on wearing in past sessions as a mark of dignity.
Saddam carried a Quran and wore a blue galabeya – a traditional Arab robe – with a black overcoat, a stark contrast to the tailored black suits he has worn to past sessions. He had dark bedroom slippers.
The defendants had vowed not to participate in the trial until the return of their lawyers. “Why have you brought us with force?” Saddam shouted at Abdel-Rahman. “Your authority gives you the right to try a defendant in absentia. Are you trying to overcome your own smallness?”
“The law will be implemented,” Abdel-Rahman replied.
“Degradation and shame upon you, Raouf,” Saddam yelled. Later, he called the investigating judges “homosexuals.”
Ibrahim, Saddam’s one-time intelligence chief, argued with the judge, who ordered him to sit, then he sat on the floor with his back to the judge and there until al-Samarrai took the stand, when Ibrahim got back in his chair.

Wild Thing’s comment……
“I don’t remember,” he said. “I don’t remember anything at all.”
Why does that sound so familiar? Clinton’s script I wonder? good grief!

BobF says:

This trial is a JOKE. They need to put that murdering tyrant in prison clothes, shackles, and gag him when he starts spouting off. Saddam is making a mockery of the whole thing. Now even the other defendants are getting involved too.

Wild Thing says:

Hi Bob it sure is a joke. I was so diappointed they did not find him dead like his sons. I knew a trial would not go well and it feels like it is going to take forever too. ugh!!!!!

Rhod says:

We ought to arrange for the Kurds to kidnap him. I’m sure they have ways to make him behave.

Wild Thing says:

Rhod! Brillant! Yesss! Tah dah!