14 Feb

Iran Holocaust Cartoon Contest

Israel News Agency To Post Iran Holocaust Cartoons


In response to Iran’s best-selling newspaper announcing a competition to find the best cartoons about the Holocaust, the Israel News Agency has begun to post the Holocaust cartoons.
“Iran is seeking any means to divert attention away from the fact that they are building nuclear weapons,” said Joel Leyden, publisher of the Israel News Agency. “Iran states that they want to test the democratic limits of Western free speech by laughing at the Holocaust, and the INA is more than pleased to oblige in posting these cartoons. The only catch is that we are doing so with an educational, factual disclaimer inserted inside these Holocaust cartoons. It states: “Six Million Jews Were Gassed, Shot and Hung During the Holocaust. This cartoon does not promote ‘free speech’ rather it illustrates Islamic racist hate and incitement to violence against all other religions.”
The Israel News Agency in posting these Holocaust cartoons from Iran, has launched an SEO – Internet (search engine optimization) marketing contest to prevent Iran and Islam terrorist groups news Websites from reaching top positions in Google. This is the first time that a SEO contest was created for a political and humanitarian cause. And the INA has secured Olympic gold in its quest to outrank any and all Arab and Islam Websites as when one searches for the key words: “iran holocaust cartoons” the Israel News Agency has secured a Google first place ranking.

Please join in with us. Post a Holocaust cartoon today. And be sure to link “iran holocaust cartoons” to Israel News Agency. Shine a light on Islamic race hatred.
Wild Thing’s comment……
Apathy is NOT my middle name!!!! And appeasement is the weak!!
You that know me know that I am an on the field kind of person. I am not one to sit in the stands and not at least try to do something about things or people I care about. Whether it be supporting our Military, our Veterans, political things, ranting about the left, or speaking out about the death cult Islam and the moon god worshipers.
I will simply not stand by and shake my head and wonder why someone does not speak up. I am not important but the passion I have is immense for the things I believe in and hopefully that will count for something.
These evil pieces of flesh that follow the cult of Islam need to be taught a lesson!


* My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy
* The Politburo Diktat

Beth says:

Thanks, Wild Thing! You are so rockin’!

Wild Thing says:

Thank you Beth and thank you for telling me about this.

Rhod says:

This month American support for Israel over the Palestinians has risen to around 65%, with (if I recall) something like 15% on the other side. The opinion poll also shows now that Americans realize the Israeli-Arab will never be settled peacefully. This is something new. At the end of last year it was about 50-50. The Mullahs can thank that little clot of moldy DNA, Ahmadinejad, for this.
Israel is also conducting naval exercises with NATO, and collaborating with NATO on the interruption of nuke components, etc., to rogue states. I would like to see Israel in NATO, which might be possible even over the objections of Turkey.
Bob and/or Tom noted that Israel has the third most powerful military in the world. The Iranian mullocracy and their little monkey bitch Ahmadinejad will probably learn what that means within the next two or three years. I think we’ll be there, too.

Wild Thing says:

Rhod, you have me smiing so big. Love your comment, thank you!!!

Agora says:

Iran Holocaust Cartoons

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