26 Nov

Fear of Muslims Being Upset By Christmas Lights & Christ in Christmas

The Lambeth Council in London will no longer be putting up ‘Christmas’ lights. Instead, they will be called ‘winter lights’.

The festive season is not yet upon us, but Christmas has already been banned from some seasonal light displays.The latest local authority to take the Christ out of Christmas is Lambeth in South London, where bureaucrats in all but one district are making sure their seasonal lights are bereft of any connotation of Christianity. Instead, council officials have used the words “Winter Lights” and “Celebrity Lights”.

The crusade against CHRISTmas lights continues in the City of Portsmouth.

Same lights, but don’t mention Christmas
HAVANT Council has renamed its Christmas lights as the Festival of Lights in a bid not to offend religious groups.
Shoppers, traders and community leaders said Havant was now becoming the ‘scrooge town of the south’.
The decision comes after Father Christmas and his grotto was booted out of the Meridian Centre in West Street over health and safety fears.
But council leader David Gillett said: ‘It’s Christmas and these are Christmas lights. I don’t see any sense in denying this.
‘I can’t for the life of me see why people would be offended by this and, to be honest, I don’t think anyone is.’
The lights cost more than £5,000 this year and have been funded by the council and the Havant Business Group.
The display will be the same as last year and will still feature a Christmas tree with shoppers and families invited to carol singing, a Christmas market and other festive events.
Town centre manager Gail Grant, who oversaw the whole project, was unavailable for comment and Dawn Baxendale, director of community services at the council, refused to comment on how and why the decision was made.

Wild Thing’s comment…..
Excuzzzzee me but Christmas is NOT a Muslim holiday the last time I checked. A-hem the name of the holiday is CHRISTmas NOT Winter Holiday or any other name. Will this kissing up to Muslims come to our shores as it has Britain??? I have steam coming out of my ears. When it gets to the stage where local councils (as in England) start banning mention of words like ‘Christmas’ because it *might* offend people of other religions then that is a step too far. Christmas is the celebration of CHRIST’s birth and yes it is to celebrate the act of giving and sacrifice… but of CHRIST for us.
At the same time as our Christmas there is also a very special Jewish Holiday of Hanukkah. Will that be next, will that be somehow changed too in case it MIGHT offend another religion and a so-called religion of peace at that, the one called Islam???? Hanukkah is a festive holiday that celebrates a great victory for freedom. The liberation of Jerusalem and a miracle witnessed in the holy Temple 2,000 years ago. For eight days the oil burned, and the light of freedom still burns in Jewish homes and synagogues everywhere.
It is interesting and maddening to see that even if the Muslims have not demanded the name to be changed City’s are doing it “just in case”. Now don’t you think this is wrong? Don’t you see that living in fear of what might happen only gives more credibility to the Muslims and their desire to take control? It is PC to the Max! Councils etc. are taking political correctness way too far. When traveling to other countries it was one of the things to take note of, the differences in cultures. I as an America would never dream of visiting another country knowing the difference in cultures and then attacking it. If it were not to my liking I probably would not be going to that country in the first place except in wartime to visit the troops. And even then I would never tell that country how to be like America for their holidays.
And what gets me too about all of this is that they say it is being done not to upset those with other cultures. Why not at least be honest about the WHY of it. Good grief, is being honest so hard to do? They fear of being attacked, they fear more riots and that is why this is being done. And the worst part is that if this happens here it will be lead by the freaken ACLU (all communists Love Us). The ACLU has already done this by not wanting religious symbols on public property.

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BobF says:

It’s not only coming to our shores, it’s here. These clowns don’t like Christmas but they sure do like being off Christmas Day, with pay. You will never see a Muslim, Atheist, etc asking to work Christmas Day without getting any extra pay…overtime, comp time, etc.
The British have been sucking up to the Islamists for a long time and look what it got them on July 7. It’s a shame that the once mighty empire, on which the sun never set, is reduced to compromising pacifists. My oldest son was born in England and I feel sorry for the good men and women of England who are lead by Sheep.

Wild Thing says:

Good point Bob, I had forgotten about that part. (Muslim atheist)
England is or was a great place to visit. I have been there many times. That is neat about your oldest son being born there. I agree with you about the good men and women that are there now and are having to be under a bunch of sheep that can’t take a stand.

Murray says:

People who try to take the word christmas out of this holiday, exclude certain songs, figures and displays that include christ etc. should be taken out and shot.
It is racist. I am in Canada, to suggest we need to alter the holiday, is to say others (immigrants) can’t handle our freedom, so we hide it.
Shame on Canadian government.

Wild Thing says:

Hi Murray, thank you for stopping by. I have never in my life seen so much happening to want to get rid of the word Christmas and attack this special Holiday.
Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones.