10 Nov

**** Happy Birthday Devil Dogs! ****


“No Marine was ever honored for what they received.
Honor was the reward for what they gave.”

This is the 2005 Marine Birthday Bronze Coin

For more information go HERE

Thank You Marines!


Wild Thing

Eric says:

.. thanks, Wild Thing… and Happy Birthday, Marines!..

230 years….

…. last year while us USMC vets were celebrating the Birth of our Corps, many of our active duty brothers and sisters were storming the streets of Fallujah… this year too, finds them in harms way doing what Marines do……

Laurie says:

Very nice, thank you.

Thanks for the visit and the good wishes, my friend. Semper fi.

Wild Thing says:

Hi Eric thank you for coming by on this special day.

Wild Thing says:

Hi Laurie, good to see you, thank you for coming by.

Wild Thing says:

Hi ya Nickie, thank you. See you when you get back from your big event.

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NIF says:

Da’ Weekend

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