09 Nov

A Thousand Words- Vietnam Veterans

Photos and comments by servicemen who served in Vietnam (there are approx 60 or more pics
NC Humanities
Scroll down the page to “A Thousand Words:
Photographs by Vietnam Veterans”
Article about the travelling exhibit here:

This was up close to a place called Wonder Beach. The sand was white, just white. The sand reflected up the heat, and this was the middle of the day. You see how my dog had his tongue hung out. He was close to passing out. I said, ‘I can’t walk him anymore’ so we got on a track vehicle, and it’s got 106 mm Recoilless rifles on it.
My dog was one of the first dogs in Vietnam. His name was Mutsu. He would not walk into anything. If it was there, he’d let you know. He was good with personnel. He could find caches of ammo, food, and he was good with mines. The reason I am here today is because of him.
Joe Anthony
U.S. Marine Corps