31 Oct

Bush Hits a Grand Slam

Our President has chosen Federal Judge Samuel Alito as his next Supreme Court nominee. Alito is often called “Scalito” because of his judicial similarity to Justice Scalia. I am proud of President Bush, he has indeed gotten the message and will no longer alow the minority Democrats to dictate who his nominees will be.
Now let the fight begin and I am ready for it. I am sick up to ^ with the Dems behaving like they are the Majority and treating us like we are renting the country from them. I am thrilled with this choice!
Harry Reid is crying this Halloween night he won’t get any candy either! Here is what he had to say……

“I am disappointed in this choice for several reasons. First, unlike previous nominations, this one was not the product of consultation with Senate Democrats. Last Friday, Senator Leahy and I wrote to President Bush urging him to work with us to find a consensus nominee. The President has rejected that approach.”

Kennedy has not chimmed in yet but he may have to eat his words ……heh heh……….

SEN. TED KENNEDY (D-MA): “You Have Obviously Had A Very Distinguished Record, And I Certainly Commend You For Long Service In The Public Interest. I Think It Is A Very Commendable Career And I Am Sure You Will Have A Successful One As A Judge.” (Sen. Ted Kennedy, Committee On The Judiciary, U.S. Senate, Hearing, 4/5/90)

Howard Dean is well, I have not seen what he said yet. I will post it later when I see it.

Let’s look back in time to what some of the DemoRats have said about Alito:
SEN. FRANK LAUTENBERG (D-NJ): “I Believe Mr. Alito Has The Experience And The Skills To Be The Kind Of Judge The Public Deserves – One Who Is Impartial, Thoughtful, And Fair. I Urge The Senate To Confirm His Nomination.” (Sen. Frank Lautenberg, Congressional Record, 4/27/90, p. S5281)
FORMER SEN. BILL BRADLEY (D-NJ): “[T]he Confirmation Of Sam Alito As U.S. Attorney For New Jersey Is Testimony To The Commitment He Has Shown And The Success Of His Efforts As A Law Enforcement Official. I Am Confident That He Will Continue To Do All He Can To Uphold The Laws Of This Nation With The Kind Of Determination And Vigor That Has Been His Trademark In The Past.” (Sen. Bill Bradley, Congressional Record, 12/8/87, p. S17427)


Judge Alito’s first confirmation – in April of 1990. He was confirmed by unanimous consent – reported favorably from the Democrat-controlled Judiciary Committee by none other than Joe Biden.
Nineteen currently serving Senate Democrats were part of that unanimous consent.
Christopher Dodd
Joseph Lieberman
Joseph Biden
Daniel Inouye
Tom Harkin
Paul Sarbanes
Barbara Mikulski
Edward Kennedy
John Kerry
Carl Levin
Max Baucus
Harry Reid
Frank Lautenberg
Jeff Bingaman
Kent Conrad
Patrick Leahy
Robert Byrd
Jay Rockefeller
Herbert Kohl
Check out other webblogs that are posting about this too. Beth at My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy even has fireworks. Tah dah!
STOP The ACLU, and Don Surber, a very nice photo of Samuel Alito’s family over at Wizbang’s
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BobF says:

When Masterpieces of Depravity like Teddy Kennedy, Charles Schumer, Harry Reid, and Howard Dean are against a man, you know that man has to be of high moral fiber and character, the right choice.

Wild Thing says:

Great reply! Thank you BobF.

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