08 Oct

To Any Soldier, Sailor, Airman or Marine

I am just one of hundreds of thousands that are so very proud of you. Thank you for protecting my Freedom,for all your hard work and dedication to this country. America is the best country to live and you are the reason why.
You are giving the most valuable gift you have, yourself, to ensure that everyone here in the U.S. can be safe. I pray for you each day and your families.
I know that you are making a lot of sacrifices and I think of this so often. Your service to our country fills me with such pride and love of our Freedom that does not come cheap.
Stay safe and know you are thought of each and every day.
Wild Thing
wildbronco at comcast.net
Please write a letter to the troops. It does make a difference for them to get letters from back home. Details how to do this can be found at SlagleRock’s

Many of you may remember my original Letters To The Troops campaign.
Twice here at the Slaughterhouse I have hosted a drive to generate letters of support for the troops serving abroad.
The first letter project generated 328 letters of support by the deadline, and has generated more letters since then.
This last drive was an attempt to generate 500 or more letters of support for the troops for the holidays.
I am proud to say that the holiday letter project also exceeded its goal of 500. I received 50 letters hosted via the TrackBack to other great blogs. I received 130 letters in the comments of that post. I found more than 25 letters left on other blogs via TrackBack. I received another 251 letters directly in my email which I printed and forwarded. I also recieved 54 Christmas Cards from the classmates of a BlogFriends children. This post has also picked up a few more letters since the original deadline.
I have comrades in arms who have just recently deployed to such sunny locations as Iraq and others who have been in the sandbox for several months.
Bloggers, I urge each and every one of you to write your own letter to the troops overseas. Make it a general open letter to any Soldier, Sailor, Airman or Marine. Keep in mind that the people reading these letters will be both male and female of all ages, ethnic origins and religions. Once your letter is posted, please trackback to this post so that I may find and print your letter. Please direct your readers to this effort as well. Non-bloggers, please leave your open letter of support in the comment section of this post. While it is possible for you to email me your letters, I’d like to see them in the comments so that troops overseas can access and read them online.
I’ve decided to make this an ongoing effort. I have a button posted on the right side of my site for the “Letter Project”. Other Bloggers such as Mamamontezz and Delftsman have also posted this button. Any blogger who is interested is welcome to copy the letter project button and put it up on your site.
Anytime you would like to say thank you to the troops in harms way this is one way to ensure your words are read, I have many military readers and all of my friends who are deployed get regular updates from my site.
Please forward the link to this post to as many people as you can, both Bloggers and non-bloggers.
Let’s keep the letters coming year round.
Thank you to everyone who has contributed so far!
SlagleRock Out!