06 Oct

How Many Countries Should We Invade at Once?

How many countries should the US be allowed to invade at once?
This question was asked to a bunch of strangers on the street.

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Our Troops Rock!

BobF says:

I like General Franks. If you have to go off to war or have sons going off to war, he is the kind of general you want leading them. He and General Schwarzkopf are kick-butt guys who will go in, get the job done, and then get back home. If only the politicians would let them do their jobs.

Wild Thing says:

They are the best….General Franks and General Schwarzkopf! I agree and I miss them both.

Beth says:

That is my all-time favorite picture, EVER. I’ve had it since I started blogging, but only posted it once and I was actually thinking of posting it again recently, but now you beat me to it! (Waaah!)

Wild Thing says:

(giggle) Hi and I love it too. I am always looking for reasons to post it. hahaha