02 Oct

Welcome Home Howdy

Howdy is back home,and I would like to share with you a quote from him. He served 2 Tours in Iraq.

“Will I come back to Iraq? If needed to serve here again, I will keep coming as long as hate says we have not the stomach for this fight. Islamic fundamentalist terrorists cowards are just that. They cower and kill so long as they remain safe. They take their own life at the same time they steal the life of the innocent. There is no glory, honor nor respect in doing so. Without a fear in the world’s society that allows us to “tolerate” this religious hijacking, this same fear allows true believers in the Islamic faith to hide nor act in protest to the carnage brought by hate of all things not-Islamic. For that reason, I and others will continue to fight until a peace can be won, not hoped for. God Bless all those still in country.”

There are photos of Howdy and his Crew at my Troops Today page at my Website.
Thank you Howdy for your service to our country.