30 Sep

Cair Complains and Boeing and Bell Cave in

Boeing, Bell apologise for mosque attack ad
NEW YORK (Reuters) – Boeing Co. apologised on Friday for a mistakenly published advertisement for its V-22 Osprey aircraft showing troops dropping onto the roof of a mosque in what appears to be a simulated battle scene.
The ad, coming amid rising concern among Muslims over U.S. military action in Iraq and Afghanistan, prompted immediate complaints from the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), which demanded the withdrawal of the campaign. The rest of the write up is HERE

A spokesman for CAIR said on Friday the group welcomed the companies’ swift response, but would press the issue of how such an ad came to be created.

Here is a larger size of the ad below in case you are unable to read the fine print

I really hate it when anyone bows down to Cair. I think it is a good ad.

pbswatcher says:

If it makes CAIR mad, we should all post the picture. I did. See PBS Watch

Wild Thing says:

Hi pbswatcher, yipee you have a good idea. That would be great if tons of people were posting it. heh heh
Thanks for your response.

PBS Watch says:

I Don’t CAIR

If it makes CAIR mad, that’s enough for me to like it.

BobF says:

I agree, we shouldn’t be dropping troops on Mosques like that. Our guys can get hurt.
We should be dropping a JDAM from a B-2 or raining cluster bombs from a B-52.

Wild Thing says:

We should be dropping a JDAM from a B-2 or raining cluster bombs from a B-52.

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