28 Sep

U.S.Marine says he is glad we are not Clinton

Over at My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, an email is posted from MGySgt Kuzniak, a Marine serving in Iraq.

“I think you would be amazed at the morale of the young military people here. I know I am. I’ve been in for over 28 years and I have seen good and bad. These youngsters are getting the job done in a way I would never have imagined. They go on convoys, get shot at or have IEDs go off, then they return still in high spirits. The trick here is to convince the bad guys they have been beat. The idiots at the peace rallies are what’s really hurting since the stated goals of the insurgents is to break down public support for the war in the US. I heard the other day that 52% of the people back home think we are losing. I would be worried if it was 1995 and this was the case, but Bush doesn’t govern via polls like Clinton did. That’s one thing we all appreciate about the president; he sticks to the plan.”

Thank you MGySgt Kuzniak for your service to our country! Thank you for all you do!

BobF says:

I retired from the Air Force in 1999 and the level of professionalism and patriotism of the young people coming into the military is phenomenal. The “youngsters” coming in today put us “old timers” to shame when we enlisted back in the 70’s.
The people joining the military today are highly educated and motivated. As a Flight Chief responsible for deploying people all over the world, I’ve never had a problem getting people to go, matter of fact, my problem was choosing who to send because everyone was always volunteering to go. To have the opportunity to work with and supervise these men and women will make you realize why American is the greatest nation on the face of the earth.
There is only one thing I wish I could have gotten and that’s President’s Bush’s signature on my Retirement Certificate instead of Clintons.

Wild Thing says:

Thank you for sharing that BobF.
Clinton can only observe others, men of honor, like yourself to see what a man of honor is, he will never know the taste, the feeling in his veins, in his pores of what it feels like to take the higher ground nor to be a man that stands for what is right. Thank you for being the person you are and again for sharing your experiences.

Ed Norton says:

You guys are the greatest! Many more Americans love and respect you than those you see in the left wing press. Don’t be discouraged, I know you will not with the capable leaders and the wonderful training you have had. And a Commander-in-Chief who believes in you, and respects you.

VigilantAmerican says:

Well done. Unfortunately, and despite a significantly higher literacy rate here than in the countries that breed our external enemies, such a huge chunk of the U.S. population is sufficiently ignorant to be unable to comprehend either the threats to our culture and freedoms or the pernicious tactics of the far Left…
There were more votes cast in the finals of “American Idol” than in any presidential election in our history, and most younger Americans(and, I fear, as many older ones) lack the critical thinking skills and sense of imperative to effectively filter the mainstream media and the Michael Moore/Hollywood treason train…
But there is reason for hope and perseverance. The internet, talk radio, and American breadbasket networking can see us through this.
God Bless the United States of America, and the United States Marine Corps at this time of trial and tribulation!