26 Sep

They live under rocks !

This last weekend, on Saturday, there was an anti-war rally. Of course they can’t even stick to one topic. It is a chance for all the slime, the non-humans that live under rocks to all come out and gather together to protest.
They are not much different than the terrorists, they live by hate and anger. They lie and live a life of lies. Their agenda is against America and the Veterans and troops that have fought and fight today to keep us safe and live in the land of the free. The terrorists want us dead, well I say… so do these socialists/communists/liberals. They have had t-shirts that say Kill Bush and signs that have said, “We support our troops when they kill their officers.”

They are the sickest of the sick, the dregs of society, they might as well live under rocks for all the good they do in the world. They are Pro Palestinians (the Hamas and others are martyrs to them). The media is their best friend and it does it’s best to get their word out. They have their Michael Moores that they sit next to past Presidents at the DNC convention. And Code Pink that raised and sent money to the insurgents in Iraq… and they are STILL walking around free and not in prison for their treason for doing such a vile thing!
Here are some that, well heck, might as well call it as I see it… Wanna Be Muslims!

And this is my response!
Taking the fight to the enemy has and still does prevent casualties on our own shores. It has been said many times since 9-11 that time will tell if Iraq was the right war at the right place at the right time.
Do we have bombed out buildings on the streets of America? Are we afraid of large groups for fear we might be attacked? Are we afraid to fly for fear of terrorists? No, we are no longer afraid. Air travel is pushing ever onward. America is going about its business.
Remember your freedom from terror when your wife goes out in a bikini instead of a burkha.
What you see on the television every day has to do with another I.E.D.(improvised explosive device) and another soldier dead. They are not dying in vain. They are dying to keep terror away from home. They are doing an incredible job!!!! We should be proud of how well they are doing, not calling it an un-winable quagmire. We have been winning since war was declared.
Remember the next time a short-sighted senator, congressman or other individual claims we’re in an unwinable war. Know in your heart that we are winning, and have been winning for nearly four years now. And you freaking anti-American Liberals, military haters can Kiss my ASS!

Click HERE is hear Toby Keith sing “Courtesy of the Red White and Blue”

BobF says:

It’s too bad Code Pink and some of these other clowns wern’t visiting the World Trade Center on 9/11. They might have a different view of things then.
All these trators do is encourage the enemy. But, with this enemy they won’t welcome you like the North Vietnamese did Jane Fonda. This enemy will take their heads off because they want ALL Americans dead.

Nice post. I was at in DC on that Saturday and saw many of the signs you post above! Of course, I was at the counter to these leftist freaks. We had a spot in front of the FBI building on Pennsylvania Ave and watched the whole parade of them march by. You never saw such a freakshow. I saw Che Guevara flags by the dozen, Palestinian flags, posters for all sorts of socialist/communist groups, some signs too vulgar to repeat, a few guys in drag, you name it. Ugh. But we gave them hell with some pretty good signs and posters of our own.

Wild Thing says:

BobF, that is so true, they want us dead and they want their fan club(the liberals) dead as well.
Thank you for your response.

Wild Thing says:

Thank you The Redhunter for sharing about being there. I am proud of you for giving them hell. Yipee!!
Thank you for responding to my post.