24 Sep

They Cover Our Six

The enemy within (all the liberals,the anti-war twits… they are much fewer in numbers then we that love our Military, our troops and our Veterans. They will never know the feeling of victory in taking a hill, a village or a town. Nor how it feels when seeing the faces of gratitude and the thankfulness in the eyes of those they defend, protect and make it possible to live in Freedom.
If they saw these photos they would only see men that are wasting their efforts, instead of MEN that stood up to the plate so they the liberals could sleep well at night without rockets going off killing us or buses being bombed in our own land.

Want to hear a message from our Troops & Wild Thing to the Terrorists???? Click Here
Ready….AIM…..Fire…..K-Pow! Bye Bye Terrorists!

My friend LindaSOG (her Blog) made this tank and doll graphic. Thank you so much Linda.