September 11, 2001

Our country has been attacked on foreign shores by the terrorists.
(see my list on the Terrorists page.) 

The Twin Towers were attacked for the second time
on this day of September 11, 2001.


BUT the difference is that this time we did something about it.
Unlike Clinton that did nothing, President Bush made the
decision to defend our Nation and I thank God that he did,
is now and will continue to.


The morning started off like any other.

Many living in New York said it was
an exceptionally beautiful morning.
The weather was perfect and all was well.




















And then HELL arrived
in the form of Terrorists,
coming in on planes.







































A friend sent this to me and the link to a Blog that had this poem there.

For the WTC Jumpers

He came back,
This time for me.
On the 110th floor I was so close to God
I could almost grab his beard.
Never before has heaven been this close to hell.
I can feel its fire on the floors below
Raising ash and paper and smoke
Thick as Satan’s laughter.
At the window, shattered,
I look for salvation and he tempts me,
Dares me to jump,
Whispering a psalm in my ear
He spits as he speaks:
“He will bid his angels watch over you.
With their hands they will support you.”
I mumble “Amen,”
Close my eyes and sense the rush of air.
I cannot breathe until I finally feel
Those hands of angels
Hard as cement against my face.
       ......................By Doug Seubert                      
























People holding hands as they jump











































Also targeted:  The Pentagon