Wild Thing's

As you travel through my site, let a Butterfly Be Your Guide...
You will see many pages.  It is not only a creative outlet for me, it is also a way of connecting with others with the hope that I might touch their lives in some small way.

The Brotherhood of those that serve in our military is paid tribute to on this page.
Children of The Fur
My love for animals, our pets that are our children and some of my teddy bears.
Extreme Prejudice - The Red Zone
A glimpse of John Kerry, Jane Fonda and others that had made their life dedicated to their cause.
Family and Friends
Sharing some photos of dear friends and family that mean everything to me.
Favorite Quotes
Quotes that say so much and have meant a lot to me
My love for Israel runs deep. The connection was made years ago as a child from my Father's friend, Ira Wolfner. In a small way it is my Tribute to Israel and the IDF as they fight against the same terrorists that hate us all as well.
My husband and a look into his life and our love for one another.
PC Free Zone
Politically free zone changes periodically with write-ups of how I feel about things going on in the world. Check back often and read the latest rant or cheers depending on the topic.
People Are Talking
Some of my favorite Political Conservatives.
Writings from the soul and heart. Some done in humor and others thought provoking.
Tribute to President Reagan and President Bush
Tears I shed for our POWs and MIA's will never dry in my heart. Never Forget them as you read this page and carry them in your heart and prayers as well.
September 11, 2001
I dedicated this to those that were murdered by the terrorists in pictures and music.

Examining the terrorists , the things they have done and are doing and their Quran.
Hostage Rescue Attempt~ 

444 Days Held Hostage in Iran
The Beat Goes On
Some music that I often have playing.
Traitors to America
Quotes from the Left and photos.

Troops Today ~ Part One
(a Tribute to those serving now)
My respect and admiration for our troops is a part of my very being. I could not do a web site without showing my love and honor toward them
Troops Today ~ Part Two
A Promise Lies Within 
Veterans Never Forgotten
Without our Veterans we would not be living in this freedom we have. I am showing you that may forget just how much they have done for us in many of the wars and battles.
My tribute and thank you to Vietnam Veterans
Wild Thing Days
A glimpse into some of my past that I am willing to share with you.
Thank you for visiting my little home online