22 Mar

This Guys Towel Is On Too Tight

Muslim leader: Israel bird flu punishment from Allah

Gaza preacher says during weekend mosque services bird-flu virus found in Israel last week was sent by Allah to punish the Jews for being the ‘worst of humanity’ and is the beginning of the outbreak of other diseases meant to destroy the Jewish state within the next 20 years; ‘pray for Allah to dry out the sexual organs of the Jews,’ he adds.
Sheikh Abu Muhammed, an imam at the popular Al-Tadwa mosque in Beit Lahia north of Gaza City, went on to ask Muslims at his Friday night Sermon to pray for the sexual organs of Jews to “dry out” so they cannot reproduce.
“Praise Allah the bird flu has hit the Jews. It came because of their sins against the Palestinians; because they are the most cruel enemy of humanity; because they are themselves the enemy of humanity; because they don’t believe in Allah; because they falsify the book of Allah; because they cheated the prophet Muhammed; and because they cheated Allah and even their own prophet, Moses,” Sheikh Muhammed was quoted as saying.
“This bird flu will be the beginning of diseases which will hit the nonbelievers. Please Allah keep hitting the enemy with more diseases. This is no doubt the beginning of the end of the Israelis. Like (late Hamas spiritual leader) Sheikh Yassin said, 2025 will be the end of Jews. This (bird flu) is the sign,” said Sheikh Muhammed, according to congregants.
In his mosque speech, Sheikh Muhammed reportedly went on to explain Allah decided to “hit the Israelis with birds,” since birds are mentioned in the Quran as a tool used to defeat infidels.
Muhammed made his comments in spite of predictions the virus found in Israel may surface through migrating fowl in the nearby Palestinian territories.

Wild Thing’s comment……..
I suppose this is why the Bird flu has hit Indonesian (Muslim) nations so hard. Now I get it…….. Allah hates birds! Kill all Birds! Birds are the infidels! If we can not kill Americans, let us kill the evil infidel BIRDS!
Israel has doctors, hospitals with equipment, culture, society, and BRAINS. The All-Ass idiots have rags on their heads, bags on their women, and are just plain STUPID besides being evil. The 21st century beats the 7th century everytime.

22 Mar

Italian Co. Designs Jeans for Muslims

Jeans tailor-made to fit Muslim needs hit European market

Europe’s practicing Muslims have finally found their fit: An Italian clothes firm is producing jeans that are tailor-made for the Islamic world.
The trousers, licensed by an Udine-based firm named Al Quds, are the brainchild of Luca Corradi, an Italian stylist.
“I couldn’t help noticing that Muslims bend down to pray several times a day. This movement is not very common in our culture,” Corradi told reporters last week.
Higher waist
Corradi realized that Muslims would find Western jeans uncomfortable. So he came up with trousers that are less tight and have a higher waist.
Because Muslims usually take off their watches, glasses and other personal objects during prayer, he also designed larger pockets.
Finally, the seams are made in green — a sacred color in the Islamic world — while the shabby look so popular in Western Europe is snubbed.
On Italy’s shelves as from last week, the jeans cost 18 euros (US$21).
Because they are being sold by a major French supermarket chain, they should soon find a distribution channel in other European countries as well.
But Al Quds, which is the Arab name for Jerusalem, has also set its sights on the Middle East.
“Our stylist is looking for some help among his Arab colleagues. We hope they will help us start producing a wider range of trousers in the not so distant future,” Cavalli said.
The jeans should find plenty of buyers among Italy’s 700,000 Muslims.

Wild Thing’s comment…..
Good lord what next! ” higher waist” hmmmmm to cover the bomb belts? And the same story HERE tells us this…….

ROME – They’re high around the waist, wide around the leg and have lots of pockets for holding watches, bracelets, glasses and other knickknacks.
The pockets are for holding all the accessories.

For holding things? You mean like bombs, big knives for beheadings? What? Huh? Tell us more! Maybe they will play Kumbaya in the stores.
HERE is the website for the jean maker.

21 Mar

The Media ~ Spin It, Slant It But Staying Away From The Truth

All the Democrats want to know, they say is what is the President’s exit strategy. A question by losers.
They say there’s a civil war. They say kids are being killed. They want to Impeach the President because they say he lied to us. They say the sky is falling. Oh that’s right, that’s another chicken!
When the Heroes in Iraq and Afghanistan perish the Democrats do polls to show we are loosing the war. The war was won in days, but the atrocities by the cowards blowing up every positive move toward democracy, are what is going on now. Because they know the liberal media and the Democrats water at the mouth to show it on TV and exaggerate the negative.
The Islamofascists see that it works to blow up more and more targets and the media helps them. It gives them more fodder to try to get George Bush out of office and put the Democrats back in office. Then they will run around wondering what the hell to do. So they then will have polls to see what to do next.
Today, March 21,2006, the President answered their hair brained questions with intelligent and concise information.
Later on the talk shows they said he was mean to the journalists. The spin is in with the liberals and they are on speed dial.
I thought he was fantastic today!
Angry Old Salt out

21 Mar

America’s Under The Rock Dwellers Throw A Protest

Cindy Sheehans male version, Michael Berg, father of terror victim Nick Berg. OH and yes Cindy Sheehan was there as well, but of course.

International ANSWER’s latest “EMERGENCY MOBILIZATION” to protest the Bush administration’s “criminal wars, occupations, torture and assault.” According the flyer, thousands of protestors would “Speak Truth to Power” in a march from the White House to Donald Rumsfeld’s front lawn.

Wild Thing’s comment………….
How disgusting can the left get, I bet back way before I was born during WW11 this never would have been acceptable.

* Michelle Malkin

21 Mar

Afghan Man Found His Brain and Might Loose His Head

Afghan Man Faces Execution After Converting to Christianity

An Afghan man who recently admitted he converted to Christianity faces the death penalty under the country’s strict Islamic legal system. The trial is a critical test of Afghanistan’s new constitution and democratic government.

The case is attracting widespread attention in Afghanistan, where local media are closely monitoring the landmark proceedings
Abdul Rahman, 40, was arrested last month, accused of converting to Christianity.
Under Afghanistan’s new constitution, minority religious rights are protected but Muslims are still subject to strict Islamic laws.
And so, officially, Muslim-born Rahman is charged with rejecting Islam and not for practicing Christianity.
Appearing in court earlier this week Rahman insisted he should not be considered an infidel, but admitted he is a Christian.
He says he still believes in the almighty Allah, but cannot say for sure who God really is. “I am,” he says, “a Christian and I believe in Jesus Christ.”
Rahman reportedly converted more than 16 years ago after spending time working in Germany.
Officials say his family, who remain observant Muslims, turned him over to the authorities.
On Thursday the prosecution told the court Rahman has rejected numerous offers to embrace Islam.
Prosecuting attorney Abdul Wasi told the judge that the punishment should fit the crime.
He says Rahman is a traitor to Islam and is like a cancer inside Afghanistan. Under Islamic law and under the Afghan constitution, he says, the defendant should be executed.
The court has ordered a delay in the proceedings to give Rahman time to hire an attorney.
Under Afghan law, once a verdict is given, the case can be appealed twice to higher courts.
This is the first case in which the defendant has admitted to converting and is refusing to back down, even while facing the death penalty.
If convicted, the case could ultimately force President Hamid Karzai’s direct intervention.
The president would have to sign the papers authorizing Rahman’s execution, a move that could jeopardize Mr. Karzai’s standing with human rights groups and Western governments.
So far, President Karzai has not commented on the case.
But political analysts here in Kabul say he will be under significant pressure from the country’s hard-line religious groups to make an example of Rahman.
Wild Thing’s comment……
On the way to work Monday morning I heard this on the radio. When I got out of the car if someone had come up to me right then and said ” Islam is the religion of peace” I would not want to be responsible for what my reaction would have been.
I was furious, not surprised at what I heard but angry. Angry because I have had it with people saying this LIE, including politicians that say it over and over again. Do they think we are stupid? Do they think we believe the propaganda of it being anything to do with peace.
The fact is that this death cult is NOT a religion, it is just that a death cult. It really does not matter that the man turned to Christianity at all. He could have decided to worship at the feet of Mickey Mouse. As long as he turned away from Islam is all these freakazoids care about. Oh maybe it is a greater insult that the man became a Christian but the truth is their anger and rules about this mean death to anyone leaving Islam.
My feeling about this may not be how others see it, but here it goes.
Islam is destructive, it is death and is spread by its devout followers with violence, beheadings, bombings you name it. I am glad the people voted in Iraq, I am proud of them and the courage they had to do this. Many for the first time, but the fact still remains they still worship a freakin sick cult that tells of how infidels should be whacked!
To think that just because they want peace, or say they do. That they say they love capitalism and the great and marvelous things our troops have done for them is great, they damn well better appreciate it! BUT they are still Islmaists and still one inch from going nuts and picking up a knife and taking my head off.
A moderate Muslim simply does not exist and I work with one so I can tell you they have an anger, a rage inside of them that at any second is ready to explode. For some silly reason he likes me even though I stand up top him, maybe he likes the spunk I have who knows. But I have seen him angry for us going into Iraq, mad that we did not let Saddam stay in power. Furious with MR.Bush as he calls him and we even have a bet… (that I will win.). He bet me that Bush will resign and I said no way. So we bet $20.00 on it.
Islam and politics are joined together. Allah ( moon god) is not primarily interested in individuals. Love is a completely foreign concept in Islam. Allah ( moon god) is destined to rule the world. That is the basis of Islam. Everything else is related to this goal. And the Doctor at work has said this very thing, ” Islam will one day be in the majority in America above all else.” Grrrrrrrrrrr! Take a number you old fart is how I feel about that.
I even told him to get in line that right now it says…” Press 1 for English and 2 for Spanish.” Not press 2 for Muslimeze! So they are not even close and I pray they never will be, it is bad enough to have the 2 for Spanish. I told him this and he just smilied and said” you will see, you will see I am right.”
90%-95% of all the conflicts on this planet today involve Muslims fighting non-Muslims or each other.
Islam remains a cult of the Dark Ages. It is the most violent and intolerant faith that has ever been presented to mankind! Make no mistake about it. Islam is on the move and is prepared to extinguish any and all civilizations that get in its way. Muslims are fundamentally non-assimilatible.Unless the civilized world resists and fights back, Muslims will vanquish the planet within a few decades. Only THEN will the “civilized world” know what devilish barbarism and uncompromising rigidity Israel has for so long been up against!!!

* Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler for a GREAT read see what Misha has to say about this. You will laugh as well at how he states his rant on this. It is excellent.

21 Mar

Murtha Hopes Someone Will Take Him Seriously ~ He Is a Fool!

RNC: Murtha’s Iraq Plan: More Pessimism, No Solutions
From the The 9/11 Commission Report, 7/22/04
Rep. Murtha: “There’s no terrorism in Iraq before we went there. None. There was no connection with al Qaeda. There was no connection with terrorism in Iraq itself.” (NBC’s “Meet The Press,” 031906)
The Bipartisan 9/11 Commission Report: “There Is … Evidence That Around This Time [1997] Bin Ladin Sent Out A Number Of Feelers To The Iraqi Regime, Offering Some Cooperation.” (“Final Report Of The National Commission On Terrorist Attacks Upon The United States,”
“In Mid-1998, The Situation Reversed; It Was Iraq That Reportedly Took The Initiative.” (“Final Report Of The National Commission On Terrorist Attacks Upon The United States,”
In March 1998, After Bin Ladin’s Public Fatwa Against The United States, Two Al Qaeda Members Reportedly Went To Iraq To Meet With Iraqi Intelligence.” (“Fi nal Report Of The National Commission On Terrorist Attacks Upon The United States,”
In July, An Iraqi Delegation Traveled To Afghanistan To Meet First With The Taliban And Then With Bin Ladin.” (“Final Report Of The National Commission On Terrorist Attacks Upon The United States,”
“Sources Reported That One, Or Perhaps Both, Of These Meetings Was Apparently Arranged Through Bin Ladin’s Egyptian Deputy, Zawahiri, Who Had Ties Of His Own To The Iraqis.”
“According To The Reporting, Iraqi Officials Offered Bin Ladin A Safe Haven In Iraq.”
“The Former Iraqi Regime Of Saddam Hussein Trained Thousands Of Radical Islamic Terrorists From The Region At Camps In Iraq Over The Four Years Immediately Preceding The U.S. Invasion, According To Documents And Photographs Recovered By The U.S. Military In Postwar Iraq.” (Stephen F. Hayes, “Saddam’s Terror Training Camps,” The Weekly Standard, 1/16/06)
Murtha Claims Iraq Is In A Civil War And Promotes Pessimism:
Rep Murtha: “We’re caught in a civil war. … Then they said it’s not a civil war. It is a civil war.” (NBC’s “Meet The Press, 3/19/06)
Rep. Murtha: “They said we’re going to have 75% of the country controlled by the Iraqis. I flew for an hour and 15 minutes over desert, and there wasn’t a soul …” (NBC’s “Meet The Press, 3/19/06)
Rep. Murtha: “I don’t see the progress that they’re portraying, and I don’t understand how they can continue to say that.” (NBC’s “Meet The Press,” 3/19/06)
US Generals On The Ground Disagree With Rep. Murtha; Call Progress “Breathtaking” And “Amazing”:
Commander Of Multinational Forces In Iraq, Gen. George Casey Notes Positive Stories That Most People Haven’t Heard About Iraq. “There’s a lot of bustle here… in Baghdad. There’s a lot of economic activity, storefronts crowded, goods stacked up on the street. And the traffic cops were wearing white shirts and neckties, not armored vests. So there’s a lot here that I don’t think people back in the United States get to see, and it’s probably difficult for them to feel the optimism that myself and my subordinate leaders and my members of the armed forces feel about the possibilities here in Iraq.” (NBC’s “Meet The Press,” 3/19/06
Commander, Central Command General John Abizaid: “[I] would say is that the growth of the Iraqi Security Forces, in particular, and the Army, in particular, has been nothing short of breathtaking.” (Gen. John Abizaid, Committee On Appropriations, U.S. Senate, Testimony, 3/9/06)
Commander, Multinational Corps Iraq, Lieutenant General Peter Chiarelli: “In the days immediately following the Samarra bombing, the press was actively tracking and reporting every single mosque attack, but the vast majority of the reporting was off the mark.” (Lt. Gen. Peter Chiarelli, Press Conference, 3/17/06
Murtha Ignores Signs Of Advancement In Iraq: ( see in the rest of the article)
The rest of the article and stats HERE
Wild Thing’s comment…..
Murtha as usual is full of it. If he wants to say his BS at a cocktail party fine, but to say it on TV for all the world to see and hear then it ticks me off and the zombies then go out and push his propaganda.

20 Mar

Patriot Act Game Pokes Fun at Government

New Jersey graphic artist and Arab civil rights advocate, Michael Kabbash, speaks about his newly designed board game the Patriot Act. Seen above at his office in Hamilton, N.J. A parody of the Monopoly game, The Patriot Act pokes fun at the historic abuse of governmental powers by the recently-renewed anti-terrorism law. (AP Photo/Jose F. Moreno)
In this send-up of “Monopoly,” players don’t pass “Go” and they don’t go directly to jail — they go to Guantanamo Bay.
Instead of losing cash for landing on certain squares, they lose civil liberties. And the “Mr. Monopoly” character at the center of the board is replaced by a scowling former Attorney General John Ashcroft.
Patriot Act: The Home Version” pokes fun at “the historic abuse of governmental powers” by the recently renewed anti-terrorism law.
But while it may be fun, creator Michael Kabbash, a graphic artist and Arab civil rights advocate, is serious about how he feels the law has curtailed Americans’ freedom.
The object of the game is not to amass the most money or real estate, but to be the last player to retain civil liberties.
“I’ve had people complain to me that when they play, nobody wins. They say `We’re all in Guantanamo and nobody has any civil liberties left,'” he said. “I’m like `Yeah, that’s the point.'”
Kabbash decided to keep Ashcroft as the visual focus of the game, even though he stepped down in January 2005, because “he really is the icon that people associate with the Patriot Act.”
prewar comments, the “Go” space in is renamed “Bring It On!” Players roll the dice to determine how many civil liberties they start out with, accumulating them from a variety of categories: U.S. citizens get 5; non-citizens 1. Whites and Asians get 5; Arabs 1. Ultra right-wingers get 6; Democrats 3 or 4.
Instead of landing on, say Oriental Avenue, players land on a color-coded spaces corresponding to the national terror alert. A player who lands on a red space loses one civil liberty, as does anyone else within five spaces. A player who lands on an orange space gets to designate another player to lose one civil liberty.
Wild Thing’s comment…..
More of the article about this ant-American game HERE
Amazing isn’t it, they live in this country, enjoy the freedom we have and then do shit like this.

20 Mar

Muslims Spreading Seeds Of Hatred To Their Children

Teachers applaude toddlers who want to become suicide bombers, music videos which call for “martyrdom”, footage of terrorist training camps for children and other examples of Muslim incitement against non Muslims.
Video to see is here
Wild Thing’s comment……
When I was a child, we played with dolls, took all my parents books off the shelves and played library, bandaged up my teddy bears playing hospital, covered the dining room table with a sheet and pretended to be camping out. And then of course coloring books ( I still color in coloring books though) haha
But to be a child and grow up like these Muslim chilidren do being taught such total hate and killing and anger running in their veins it is so sick, so totally sick.

19 Mar

Reids Treasonous Illegal Anti-American Plan


Harry Reid has put a political game plan in place but wants to call them town hall meetings so that it gives the appearance that they are not breaking the law.
Senate Democrats have mapped a political battle plan for the March congressional recess that calls on lawmakers to stage press events with active duty military personnel, veterans and emergency responders to bash President Bush on virtually every one of his national security policies.
The game plan, devised by the office of Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, Nevada Democrat, is contained in a six-page memo distributed to Democratic senators on Thursday at a closed-door meeting at the Capitol and provided to The Washington Times by a congressional staffer.

Titled “Real Security,” the political document calls for staged town hall events at military bases, weapons factories, National Guard units, fire stations and veterans posts.
“Ensure that you have the proper U.S. and state flags at the event, and consider finding someone to sing the national anthem and lead the group in the Pledge of Allegiance at the start of the event,” the battle plan states.

And the Democratic memo calls on senators to seek the help of the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA), which is critical of Mr. Bush.
However, the Defense Department prohibits political events on military bases.
The rule states:

“commanders will not permit the use of installation facilities by any candidate for political campaign or election events, including public assemblies or town hall meetings. …”

For entire article please go HERE
Wild Thing’s comment……
Could Reid cross the line anymore then he has with this? He keeps getting away with his treason, his anti-American activities and his loathing of our military. How about using Harry Reid as a test case to see how various forms of torture effect the human body till….well you know what I mean.
And what the hell is that about….be sure to bring the proper US Flag. Don’t they know what the US Flag looks like? Sheesh!
BIG DOG has written an excellent write up on this! ……HERE


19 Mar

Hamas Forms Government Without Moderates

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip – Hamas said Saturday it had completed the formation of its government without succeeding to bring in moderate parties, a step that looked likely to only increase the chances of international isolation.
The narrow government to be presented to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas at a meeting Sunday could bring on crippling economic sanctions that the World Bank has warned would devastate the poverty-stricken Palestinian territories.
Abbas will approve the Hamas government — which does not include his pragmatic Fatah Party, presidential spokesman Nabil Abu Rdeneh said.
But he will warn the Islamic militant group, which is sworn to Israel’s destruction, that their refusal to moderate their hard-line positions could “get them into trouble,” the spokesman said.
Hamas’ Cabinet lineup has not been made public, but officials in the group said it would hold onto key posts including the foreign, interior and finance ministries.
The Palestinian parliament will not be asked to approve the new Hamas government until after Israel’s March 28 election.
Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Mark Regev said the international community must be united in demanding Hamas accept the conditions, which have U.N. backing.
“If they continue to reject the international community’s benchmarks they will find the Palestinian Authority will increasingly become a pariah regime in the international community,” Regev said.