25 Jun

U.N. Conference on Small Arms

U.N. Conference on small arms will convene this week
As we recently reported, the “U.N. Conference to Review Progress Made in the Implementation of the Programme of Action to Prevent and Eradicate the Illicit Trade in Small Arms and Light Weapons in All Its Aspects,” will begin Monday, June 26.
The conference’s absurdly lengthy title tells you all you need to know–this meeting is about “action to prevent and eradicate” your rights. And make no mistake, the U.N., fueled and financed by the likes of Rebecca Peters and George Soros, is trying to do just that (if you have any doubt about where Rebecca Peters stands on the issue of a U.N. sanctioned ban on your firearms, please visit HERE to view video of her publicly stating her views). But they’re in for a fight.
As CNN.com reported this week, conference chairman Prasad Kariyawasam has received more than 100,000 letters of complaint from Americans who want the U.N. to stay out of the business of regulating lawful gun ownership in the United States.
To learn how you can continue to fight the U.N.’s Global Gun Ban and save Your Right to Keep and Bear Arms, please visit www.stopUNgunban.org, or call (800) 672-0636. This site provides valuable information and an opportunity to order Wayne LaPierre’s new book The Global War On Your Guns. The book spells out a chilling warning that gun owners in the United States and abroad must heed, and exposes a far-reaching scheme to pass a global ban on civilian ownership of arms–including yours.
Wild Thing’s comment…….
The UN counters to our nation’s interests at every turn. It’s long past time we ended our membership and removed them from our country. We in many ways legitimize their existence by being a part of it.

* thank you Jack ( Conservative Insurgents)

24 Jun

Court Bars Info Request On NSA Wiretapping

A federal appeals court on Friday declined to force the government to turn over information on the National Security Agency’s wiretapping program to a man charged in a terrorism case.
The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in the case of Yassin Aref, an imam at an Albany mosque who is accused of laundering money for an FBI informant posing as an arms dealer.
Aref wanted the government to say whether any of the evidence against him had been gathered through the warrantless electronic surveillance program, which has been challenged by some civil liberties groups.
He asked the court to force the NSA to reveal details of the program, rule it illegal and toss out evidence gathered from it. The New York Civil Liberties Union joined Aref’s motion.
Much of the legal debate over the request has been conducted under a shroud of secrecy because of the program’s classified nature, with key court documents available only to those with security clearance.
Although the government made redacted portions of some documents available to the defense, Aref petitioned the appeals court for greater access.
The three-judge panel said it didn’t have jurisdiction to grant much of what Aref requested.
Aref and Mohammed Hossain, a pizzeria owner and mosque member, are accused of laundering money from 2003 to 2004 for the FBI informant, a Pakistani businessman posing as an arms dealer. The mosque was raided by federal agents on Aug. 5, 2004, following a yearlong sting.

* Stop the ACLU

24 Jun

Theodore’s World’s Reply to the New York Times

Wild Thing’s comment……..The New York Times has teamed up with the death cult of Islam. Yes folks time and time again the NYTimes shows the world whose side they are on. What they have been donig is TREASON and there is no other word for it. No flowering it up to excuse it away. What the NY Times has been doing is putting the lives of Americans in danger and our troops in more danger as well. The NY TImes does not care about America they want it destroyed. And they have been working overtime to prove this to us and to the world.
We should demand this be treated for what it is TREASON! There MUST be consequences and I am sick and tired of our government allowing treason to continue either from a newspaper like this or from people like Kerry, Murtha etc.

Leaks and the Law
The case for prosecuting the New York Times.

Weekly Standard
CAN JOURNALISTS REALLY BE PROSECUTED for publishing national security secrets? In the wake of a series of New York Times stories revealing highly sensitive counterterrorism programs, that question is increasingly the talk of newsrooms across the country, and especially one newsroom located on West 43rd Street in Manhattan.
Last December, in the face of a presidential warning that they would compromise ongoing investigations of al Qaeda, the Times revealed the existence of an ultrasecret terrorist surveillance program of the National Security Agency and provided details of how it operated. Now, once again in the face of a presidential warning, the Times has published a front-page article disclosing a highly classified U.S. intelligence program that successfully penetrated the international bank transactions of al Qaeda terrorists.
Although the editors of the Times act as if prosecution is not a possibility, not everyone concurs. One person who is still mulling the matter over is Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. Asked in late May about the prospect of prosecuting the Times and others who publish classified information, he by no means ruled it out. “There are some statutes on the books,” he said, “which, if you read the language carefully, would seem to indicate that that is a possibility.”
Unsurprisingly, given what is at stake, even that tentative opinion elicited a fire and brimstone denunciation from the Times. An editorial on May 24 dismissed as “bizarre” the attorney general’s “claim that a century-old espionage law could be used to muzzle the press.” It has long been understood, added the newspaper, that the “overly broad and little used” Espionage Act of 1917 applies only to government officials and “not to journalists.”
But this interpretation, even if it were accurate (which it is not), is entirely beside the point. The attorney general did not mention the 1917 Espionage Act or any other specific law. But if the editors of the paper were to take a look at the U.S. Criminal Code, they would find that they have run afoul not of the Espionage Act but of another law entirely: Section 798 of Title 18, the so-called Comint statute.
Unambiguously taking within its reach the publication of the NSA terrorist surveillance story (though arguably not the Times’s more recent terrorist banking story), Section 798 reads, in part:

Whoever knowingly and willfully communicates, furnishes, transmits, or otherwise makes available to an unauthorized person, or publishes, or uses in any manner prejudicial to the safety or interest of the United States or for the benefit of any foreign government to the detriment of the United States any classified information . . . concerning the communication intelligence activities of the United States . . . shall be fined not more than $10,000 or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both [emphasis added].

This law, passed by Congress in 1950 as it was considering ways to avert a second Pearl Harbor during the Cold War, has a history that is highly germane to the present conduct of the Times. According to the 1949 Senate report accompanying its passage, the publication in the early 1930s of a book offering a detailed account of U.S. successes in breaking Japanese diplomatic codes inflicted “irreparable harm” on our security.
PLEASE go HERE to read the entire article. Thank you.

* Michelle Malkin
Write to the NY traitors:
fax (212)556-3622
Letters to the Editor
The New York Times
229 West 43rd Street
New York, NY 10036

24 Jun

I Prefer This Version of ‘Imagine’

Imagine, With No Apologies To John Lennon
by Big Dog

Imagine there’s no Muslims
It’s easy if you try
Just drop a bomb upon them
Watch the bastards fry
Imagine all the people
Rejoicing in their pain
Imagine there’s no jihadis
It isn’t hard to do
If we eliminate them
And their religion too
Imagine all the people
living without these fleas
You may say I’m pissed off
But I’m not the only one
I hope some day to be rid of
Mohammad’s terrorist sons
Imagine no more terrorists
An issue really big
All the Allah Akbars
Buried with a pig
Imagine all the virgins
freed from this disease
You may say I’m uncaring
But I say it’s a lot of fun
To rid the world of this vermin
So let’s kill them and be done

This is one of those times when you see something that just has to be shared with the world. I love what Big Dog has done with this song. Thank you Big Dog!!! It is brillant!

* BIG DOG blog

24 Jun

7 Terrorists in Miami – Foiled- Thank you!

The group has been under surveillance for some time and was infilitrated by a government informant who allegedly led them to believe he was an Islamic radical, a Justice Department official said.
The group had expressed interest and discussed bombing targets in Miami and the Sears Tower in Chicago, sources familiar with the investigation said.
Sources say the arrests reflect the government’s concern about so-called “homegrown terrorists.” It’s a threat FBI Director Robert Mueller discussed during a recent speech in New York.

FBI arrests 7 in alleged terror plot
Seven people were arrested Thursday in connection with the early stages of a plot to attack Chicago’s Sears Tower and other buildings in the U.S., federal law-enforcement sources told NBC News.
Residents near the warehouse said FBI agents spent several hours in the neighborhood showing photos of the suspects and seeking information. They said the men had lived in the area about a year.
Residents said the men taken into custody described themselves as Mulims and had tried to recruit young people to join their group, which seemed militaristic.

“They slept there” in the warehouse, said Tashawn Rose, 29. “They would come out late at night and exercise. It seemed like a military boot camp that they were working on there. They would come out and stand guard.”

She talked to one of them about a month ago. “They seemed brainwashed. They said they had given there lives to Allah,” Rose said.
She said they tried to recruit her younger brother and nephew for a karate class but it never happened.

“It was weird,” Rose said.

Benjamin Williams, 17, said the group had young children with them sometimes.

“We were under the assumption that they were opening up a garage business,” he said, adding that they wore normal clothes “but sometimes they would cover their faces. Sometimes they would wear things on their heads, like turbins.”

A man calling himself Brother Corey and claiming to be a member of the group told CNN that the individuals who worship at the building call themselves the “Seas of David.”
Their plan intended to “kill all the devils we can.”

Wild Thing’s comment…..
The day this happened (yesterday) I was away all day and was not around to post about this. Maybe it is a good thing, I would have gone ballistic about the comments I have heard being made how the FBI has to defend themselves and how touchie feelie the media is being toward these terrorists. Shocking is not even close to how I feel about the reaction of the media in their response to this.
Now I ask you why on earth is anyone surprised that we have homegrown terrorists! I mean we have allowed Mosques to be on our land, Saudi Universities, Muslim camps, etc. all of these teach hate and more of their Quran teachings from their favorite terrorist of all their Muhammad. I am not surprised one bit only disappointed that the left does not get it and never will. It seems they think that if they speak up and for the terrorists they will be safe and this is simply not reality.
We are at war with Islam and it is as simple and as dangerous as that, dangerous for Islam because we kick ass and our troops deliver the ass kicking most splendidly!

24 Jun

What Fun to Meet Blogger Friends

Having a blog is very special to me and one of the great things that happens can be a chance to meet other bloggers in person. As many of you know I have met my blog mom, Linda of Something….and Half of Something, in person. We have known each other for many years, long before either of us had a blog. Outside of blogging she is the sister I have always wanted.
This last week I was honored and blessed to be able to meet two other bloggers I have admired. We have become friends after meeting online and now we were able to meet in person. My blog Uncle Vinnie of Vince Aut Morire and his beautiful wife Merri of Merri Musings. It was also special for me to meet their children and what a pure joy it was meeting them too.
We had such a wonderful time of laughter and great conversation. We were also able to go to Busch Gardens only an hour away in Tampa together, and then a relaxing dinner at a friend of Linda’s that lived in the area. The day went way too fast, but every minute was filled with cherised memories.
How special it is to meet someone that you have met online and already know your hearts and souls have the same desire for our country and a bonding that will last forever.

22 Jun

CAIR Launching A Massive $50 Million Media Campaign

Media Campaign in US to Dispel Islamophobia
Arab News
A survey conducted by Cornell University recently found that around half of Americans have a negative view of Islam and would like the US government to curtail the political activity of Muslims in the US.
Addressing a press conference at the headquarters of the World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY), Paul Findley, a former US Congressman, said that the cancer of anti-Muslim and anti-Islamic sentiments was spreading in American society and requires corrective measures to stamp out this malaise.
It was also announced that the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) would be launching a massive $50 million media campaign involving television, radio and newspapers as part of its five-year program to create a better understanding of Islam and Muslims in the US.
Referring to the anti-Islamic sentiments in the US, Findley said that the campaign was being spearheaded by a tiny but influential section of society, including some politicians, academics and opinion-makers.
Findley commended CAIR’s initiative that he said could go a long way toward improving the image of Islam and Muslims, which has been badly dented in part due to the events of Sept. 11, 2001.
Speaking on his interaction with the US media, Ibrahim Cooper, spokesman for CAIR, said that his own feeling was that American journalists are receptive to issues affecting Muslims. For this reason, nearly all American newspapers, print or online, refrained from reproducing the caricature of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) that were at the center of a controversy earlier this year. He said CAIR took advantage of the issue by distributing DVDs free of charge, bringing out a book on the Prophet, and launching an awareness campaign.
“All of this had a positive impact,” said Cooper.
Parvez Ahmed, CAIR chairman, spoke on what he described as the most “vicious attacks on Islam” he has ever seen in recent years, adding that the campaign is being orchestrated by a minority fringe element in the US seeking to drive a xenophobic wedge between Muslims and non-Muslims.
He said a minority of Muslim extremists helps perpetuate anti-Muslim sentiment in the US, but that it is wrong for Americans to rush to conclusions based on these groups that have distorted or misinterpreted Qur’anic text. He compared it to making judgments on Christians based on the Crusades.
Elaborating on the CAIR campaign to dispel misunderstandings of Islam and Muslims, Nihad Awad, CAIR executive director, said that his group proposes to spend $10 million annually for five years in a media campaign. He said that CAIR would also recruit volunteers and produce educational material as part of its initiative.

Wild Thing’s Comment……
So there’s this RHINO named Finley and a group called CAIR (death cult fans and terrorists huggers), and then the Media (communists, socialists, military haters, lefties twisting the truth and supporting the cult of Islam)…….and they want to attempt to brainwash this other half of America ( that is you and me) that think for ourselves, don’t need a brick to fall on our heads to know that we are at war with Islam and not just at war with some little sporadic groups of radicals having a bad hair day wanting to kill us!
Gosh do you think we might not have liked the dancing in the streets on 9-11 by the followers of Islam? Ya think? And when they attacked the USS Cole, and when they tried to blow up the World Trade Center before, and when they blew up the Marine barracks in Beirut, and when they attacked the Khobar Towers, and……. No outrage from you CAIR when those things happened. Do you think we might be ever so slightly pissed off ladies and gentlemen that every step of the way we have to hear the media, the politicians, the ACLU, CAIR and other groups, spew their military phobia, and watch them er ah forget to mention how great the troops are doing and all they have accomplished? Ya think?
I bet if a person would add up every minute since 9-11 the statements made that are negative about this war, about our being in Iraq, in Afghanistan, negative statements about our troops, how many deaths in our military, cut and run bullcrap by our government officials and others, kill your ‘officers and we will support you’ anti-war protestors…… the negative would so outweigh the positive and put on a scale of the world this earth would be spinning.
Fine CAIR you freaks, bring it on! Bring on your most expensive ads, keep proving to those in the know how radical (your word) YOU are! Keep bending over and praying 5 freaken times a day farting to the wind your chants to moon god Allah.
All your akbars belong to us, with every whine you make, every propaganda BS statement we have to see, read and hear about, you only make our fighters stronger, our troops more deliberate and deepen our embedded resolve that we will never let you win! NAKBA to anyone that is NOT against Islam and their goals against humanity.
Remember CAIR and Finley you did say HALF of America! I’ll take that half and raise you another dead Muslim! The ENEMY is here! And, a mortal enemy it is!
Quote from article above…………. “A survey conducted by Cornell University recently found that around half of Americans have a negative view of Islam and would like the US government to curtail the political activity of Muslims in the US.”
One of CAIR’s friends

22 Jun

British Suicide Bomber ‘in link to New York mosque’

British Suicide Bomber ‘in link to New York mosque’

AN AMERICAN al-Qaeda operative who was a close associate of the leader of the July 7 bombers was recruited at a New York mosque that British militants helped to run.
British radicals regularly travelled to the Masjid Fatima Islamic Centre, in Queens, to organise sending American volunteers to jihadi training camps in Pakistan.
Investigators reportedly found that Mohammad Sidique Khan had made calls to the mosque last year in the months before he led the terrorist attack on London that killed 52 innocent people….
A new book, The One Percent Doctrine, by Ron Suskind, claims that FBI and CIA agents discovered that Khan had made trips to the US and was in contact with American Muslim extremists on the East Coast.
Mohammad Junaid Babar, one recruit from the Masjid Fatima Islamic Centre, has told US intelligence officials that he met Khan in a jihadi training camp in Pakistan in July 2003. He claims that the pair became friends as they studied how to assemble explosive devices.
Babar, 31, a computer programmer, says that it was at the Masjid Fatima centre that he became a radical. He has admitted in a US court to supplying money and military materials to a high-ranking al-Qaeda official at the jihadi camp in South Waziristan, close to the Afghan border. Babar moved to Britain after his month at the camp. FBI agents who arrested him in Queens in April 2004 say that he had been under surveillance “for some time” but so far they have not revealed all that Babar told them about Khan.

Wild Thing’s comment…..
STOP calling them radicals first of all. That might just be a start to being honest about these vile death worshipers.
Islam is a death cult!
Next close down that New York mosque STAT! That would be the second step to telling the world we will not condone the actions of Islam…YES Islam! Hear me freaking CAIR! I said ISLAM!