25 Jan

George Galloway To Uday Hussein ” With You Till The End”

George with Saddam Hussein’s son, Uday

From Sky News

Video footage has emerged showing George Galloway shaking hands with Saddam Hussein’s son Uday – a rapist, torturer and convicted murderer.
The video, obtained by The Sun, shows the Respect MP having a 20-minute meeting with Saddam’s eldest son in an Iraqi palace in 1999.
In the video, Mr Galloway is seen to greet Uday, shaking his hand twice and calling him “Excellency”.
He jokes about losing weight, going bald and failing to give up smoking cigars.
Mr Galloway also orders watching journalists not to publish parts of their conversation.
Finally, according to the paper, he taunts the United States and vows to stick with Uday “until the end”.
The video was shot for an Iraqi TV station and was smuggled out of Iraq before the regime fell.
Uday beat and stabbed to death his father’s personal valet and food taster, Kemal Hana Gegeo, and was briefly imprisoned by Saddam.
He also raped numerous women, and his victims are believed to have included a visiting Russian ballerina.
And as head of the Iraqi Olympic Committee, he oversaw the imprisonment and torture of Iraqi athletes who were deemed not to have performed to expectations.
Uday was shot dead by US soldiers in 2003. He was 39.

Galloway and Uday on Iraqi TV

Uday, dubbed The Wolf by terrified Iraqis, is known to have killed thousands of people.
He began watching Saddam’s torturers at work at the age of four.
Depraved Uday enjoyed it so much he later had his own private torture chamber, where he toyed with screaming victims.
He was a mass rapist who set dogs on a 24-year-old woman who rejected his advances — then watched as she was ripped apart.
Footballers and athletes who failed to impress Uday faced death, torture or beatings when he ran both sports in Iraq.
Two sportsmen were thrown to their deaths from a 75ft bridge.
And a coffin-shaped “iron maiden” with spikes that impaled anyone in it was found near the Iraqi soccer HQ by allied troops.
Galloway met Uday in 1999 at the end of a two-month journey on a double decker bus through a number of Arab nations.
The tour was to highlight his Mariam Appeal, a cause to raise cash for a sick Iraqi girl.
A US senate report claims the charity received £300,000 in oil money from Saddam — which Galloway denies.
The meeting was shot for an Iraqi TV station run by Uday and was smuggled out of the country after the regime fell.
Galloway, his greying hair coiffed and wearing a dark suit, and tie, is shown being led into a room with his now-estranged Palestinian wife Dr Amineh Abu-Zayyad and business partner Fawas Zureikat.
The trio are warmly welcomed by Uday, who wears a badly fitting, shiny powder blue double- breasted jacket and dark trousers.
Galloway, showing he has met Uday at least once before, reaches out to shake his hand, saying: “Your Excellency, very, very nice to see you again.”
Uday replies in English: “Nice to see you.” Galloway goes on: “It’s almost one year since we met. How are you?” Uday replies: “You seem in very good health.”
Galloway says: “I lost weight, I’m very happy about that.”
Uday replies in Arabic through a bespectacled, gap-toothed translator: “Yes, I see you’ve lost some weight, so I think it’s better.”
Galloway, as if to an old friend, laughs: “It’s good, but unfortunately I’m losing my hair also.”
Uday chuckles: “Yes, I’ve noticed, especially on the left side. But I’m one step ahead of you, I’ve quit cigars, you are still smoking.”
In the stomach-churning manner familiar to Big Brother viewers, Galloway flatteringly replies: “People of good taste either used to to be, or still are, smokers of Havanas.”
Uday responds to the ego massage, saying: “That’s why we have opened this subject so we can call you to quit smoking.” Whenever Uday speaks, Galloway looks at him attentively and hangs on his every word.
And the politician, who campaigned against the war to overthrow Saddam tells Uday: “I’d like you to know that we are with you ‘til the end.”
Describing his recent tour, Galloway mentions several Arab countries. But when he starts speaking about Libya he turns and says: Please don’t publish this . . . if there are journalists . . . ”
The tape then cuts out. When it resumes, Galloway is talking about Egypt.
He boasts: “If we had stayed in Egypt one more week there might have been a revolution. There were tens of thousands of people in the street around the bus. And our bus was parked at night just next to the American Embassy.”
Galloway explains that the bus had “No Embargo On Iraq” emblazoned across it.
He goes on: “They had to look at our bus every day. It was making a few people nervous.”

25 Jan

“I will not cry in public, I will not cry in public, I will not….

Reuters Photo of Senator Harry Reid after Alito Vote
Tue Jan 24, 3:44 PM ET
Democratic Leader of the U.S. Senate Harry Reid (D-NV) pauses while talking about the results of the vote in the Senate Judiciary Committee of the nomination of Samuel Alito for Associate Justice of the Supreme Court while on Capitol Hill in Washington January 24, 2006. The committee voted in favor of Alito and will now send his nomination to the floor of the U.S. Senate for a full vote. REUTERS/Larry Downing

Wild Thing’s comment………
Dems are full of sour grapes as they are having a fit over Alito. They are experts at turning fine wine into vinegar.
Aww heck…they would botch vinegar too.

24 Jan

Enemy Within Admires Enemy Without!

US anti-war protester Cindy Sheehan hails Venezuela’s Chavez

Yahoo News

CARACAS (AFP) – Anti-war protester Cindy Sheehan, mother of a US soldier killed in Iraq, joined more than 10,000 anti-globalization activists in Caracas, where she hailed Venezuela’s leftist President Hugo Chavez. “I admire him for his resolve against my government and its meddling,” said Sheehan, who gained notoriety when she camped outside US President George W. Bush’s ranch last year to protest the Iraq war. She said she hoped to meet Chavez later in the week.

Wild Thing comment………
Screw YOU Cindy Sheehan!!!!!

24 Jan

Want To Know How Many Lives Destroyed by Roe vs. Wade?

Today is the 33rd anniversary of the Roe vs. Wade Supreme Court decision.

The Consequences of Roe v. Wade
Total Abortions since 1973

Now take a look at what President Reagan said about abortion……………

“Our nation-wide policy of abortion on demand through all nine months of pregnancy was neither voted for by our people, nor enacted by our legislators–not a single state had such unrestricted abortion before the Supreme Court decreed it to be national policy in 1973. [It was] an act of raw judicial power”…
“Make no mistake, abortion-on-demand is not a right granted by the Constitution. Nowhere do the plain words of the Constitution even hint at a “right” so sweeping as to permit abortion up to the time the child is ready to be born.”
“We cannot diminish the value of one category of human life–the unborn–without diminishing the value of all human life.”
“Abraham Lincoln recognized that we could not survive as a free land when some men could decide that others were not fit to be free and should therefore be slaves. Likewise, we cannot survive as a free nation when some men decide that others are not fit to live and should be abandoned to abortion or infanticide. My Administration is dedicated to the preservation of America as a free land, and there is no cause more important for preserving that freedom than affirming the transcendent right to life of all human beings, the right without which no other rights have any meaning.”
– President Ronald Reagan : “Abortion and the Conscience of a Nation”, 1983

Wild Thing’s comment………
Years ago I when I was getting my nails done the woman doing my nails told me how she had just had an abortion. This woman had an adorable 9 year year old son. I had been going to her for 4 years. I asked her why did she get an abortion????
She was single and got pregnant from a man she had a few dates with. She informed me it was no big deal that this was her 11th abortion!!!!
I sat there in silence, shocked. Then I asked her why didn’t she use some form of birth control since there were so many out there. Get this………… She responded that it was easier to take her chances and then IF she got pregnant she could just have an abortioin.
When she finished doing my nails, she was going to give me my next appointment. I told her no thanks I was not going to fund her abortions and that I would be going elsewhere.
I am adopted, I was 3 weeks old and I will be forever grateful to my biological mom for doing what she did. She was young, just out of highschool but she wanted me to live and have a chance in life. No I have never contacted her and do not wish to, not because of disrespect but because of it. She went on with her life and I had my own with awesome parents that adopted me. I was given her photo and was told her story of what happened. It is a love story that ended abruptly when the man two years older then she was killed serving our country in the Military.
Even if I was not adopted I would be against abortion. IT IS WRONG!
It’s stripping away the child’s natural right to live. Next time you look at a little child think about if that child was aborted. It wouldn’t have even had the chance to live and have a life… can someone make that decision for the unborn child?
I believe that once the child is conceived it starts growing and is developing every second into the person that it will be for the rest of its life. It really is a living person. I don’t know how anyone can say it isn’t when you look at it. At 2 weeks, it starts to grow brain cells. And at 8 weeks, it is entirely formed with hands, arms, legs, feet, all of it. If that’s not a person, then I don’t know what is, why not just say it’s okay to kill a child that’s 8 or 9 years old if you decide you can’t afford him, or don’t want to deal with him. That is how awful abortion is.
History is full of examples of unwanted children who were conceived and became historical figures and legends of human history.You don’t know if you’ve aborted the next Michelangelo, Monet, Vermeer, Bach, Beethoven, Galileo, Newton or Einstein. And heck just wonderful human beings that want a chance at life.

* BIG DOG’s Weblog

24 Jan

John Kerry Promised 359 Days Ago ( tapping my foot here) Well Kerry????

U.S. Veteran Dispatch noted in 1996: “Kerry’s testimony, it should be noted, occurred while some of his fellow Vietnam veterans were known by the world to be enduring terrible suffering as prisoners of war in North Vietnamese prisons. Kerry was a supporter of the ‘People’s Peace Treaty,’” a supposed ‘people’s’ declaration to end the war, reportedly drawn up in communist East Germany. It included nine points, all of which were taken from Viet Cong peace proposals at the Paris peace talks as conditions for ending the war.”
As chairman of the Select Senate Committee on POW/MIA Affairs, created in 1991 to investigate reports that U.S. prisoners of war and soldiers designated missing in action were still alive in Vietnam, Kerry badgered the panel into voting that no American servicemen remained in Vietnam.
Hanoi Kerry was still a USNR officer while he:
* gave false hearsay testimony to Congress
* negotiated with the enemy
* helped the US lose a war
* abetted in the deaths of our troops
* created a hostile environment for all servicemen
Kerry has still not released his full military file as promised on the Tim Russert show. Transcript from the show, dated January 30th, 2005
Kerry promised, on national TV, to sign form SF-180 AND release his full military records to the public. He has yet to do so. President Bush signed his Form 180 in 2004.

MR. RUSSERT: Many people who’ve been criticizing you have said: Senator, if you would just do one thing and that is sign Form 180, which would allow historians and journalists complete access to all your military records. Thus far, you have gotten the records, released them through your campaign. They say you should not be the filter. Sign Form 180 and let the historians…
SEN. KERRY: I’d be happy to put the records out. We put all the records out that I had been sent by the military. Then at the last moment, they sent some more stuff, which had some things that weren’t even relevant to the record. So when we get–I’m going to sit down with them and make sure that they are clear and I am clear as to what is in the record and what isn’t in the record and we’ll put it out. I have no problem with that.
MR. RUSSERT: Would you sign Form 180?
SEN. KERRY: But everything, Tim…
MR. RUSSERT: Would you sign Form 180?
SEN. KERRY: Yes, I will. But everything that we put in it, Tim–everything we put in–I mean, everything that was out was a full documentation of all of the medical records, all of the fitness reports. And I’d call on those who have challenged me, let’s see their records. I want to see the records of each of those people who have put up a challenge, because some of them have some serious questions in them, and it hasn’t been appropriate…
MR. RUSSERT: So they should sign Form 180s for themselves as well?
SEN. KERRY: You bet.

359 days have passed since you promised America to sign your Form 180 and release all of the information surrounding your discharge from the United States Navy.
After making this promise to America, you then stated to the Boston Globe that had in fact signed it, and further promised that “very, very shortly, you will have a chance to see it.”
You have broken these promises John.
You did not release all of the information surrounding your discharge from the United States Navy, claiming that you released what the Navy sent.
America would like to see your signed 180 John. America would like to see whether you did in fact allow for full disclosure. Show us that you checked the box for an “undeleted report of separation,” John, and not the one that deletes that information.
Did you release all of your records John, or did you keep some secret?
The answer to that question seems obvious. America knows you kept the discharge secret. America knows you are lying. How did that discharge change after Carter pardoned all draft dodgers and traitors to this country?
The Navy said they had over 100 pages they could not release without Kerry’s authorization. The biggest question of all remains unanswered. What type of discharge did Kerry originally receive? Remember, Kerry had his discharge re-issued after Carter granted a pardon to Vietnam vets.
It’s time that he free the rest of his military record, and completely free his 180 to live up to the promise he made to the American people on the Tim Russert show.

You can send your own letter to Hanoi Kerry reminding him of his promise.
Kerry’s testimony before Congress was crystal clear: It’s part of the Congressional record and tape recorded for posterity. His actions in testifying before Congress and in leading the VVAW gave great aid and comfort to the enemies of freedom. Only God Almighty knows the entire toll Kerry’s actions had on the lives of the men he sold out, and on the innocent people of South Viet Nam who perished. My eyes well up with tears when I consider the years so many of our finest and bravest men suffered from injuries that were inflicted upon them by the enemy emboldened by Kerry’s rhetoric. The names on the wall. The ones we will never know. Their blood cries out from the ground.
He became a celebrated organizer for one of America’s most extreme appeasement groups, Vietnam Veterans Against the War. He consorted with the likes of “Hanoi” Jane Fonda and Ramsey Clark, Lyndon Johnson’s radical former attorney general.
Cao has formed a blogburst group regarding this called Free Kerry’s 180. If you want to join the blogroll for Free Kerry’s 180 just go to Cao’s Blog and join, or email Cao
The blogburst is every Tuesday. All you have to do is encourage Kerry to set his 180 FREE.
You can make whatever post you like about it, in your own words how you feel or whatever you want to say. I truly feel it is important for us not to let Kerry off the hook. We all know if the tables were turned, the media and the rest of the left would never let us hear the end of it.

23 Jan

Actor Discusses Support for Troops & Iraqi Children

Actor Gary Sinise

Many American troops have taken it upon themselves to reconstruct schools and gather learning tools for the children of Iraq.
Their efforts have been met with immense gratitude from the local Iraqis and their children.
Actor Discusses Support for Troops, Iraqi Children
By Sgt. Sara Wood, USA
American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, Jan. 22, 2006 – When not appearing on the CBS show “CSI: New York” as Detective Mac Taylor, actor Gary Sinise devotes much of his time to raising support for U. S. troops.
Sinise, who is planning his third trip to Iraq with the United Service Organizations, appeared on ABC’s “This Week” today to talk about his new venture to help the children who have felt the effects of the war in Iraq.
On his last trip to Iraq, Sinise accompanied a U. S. military unit that remodeled an Iraqi school. He watched the troops transform what had been a cinder-block, dirt-floor structure into a building with concrete floors, windows and fans, he said.
“It was not much, but to these kids and those Iraqis who had been living there with this school, it seemed like a brand new place,” he said.
Sinise said seeing the school being remodeled and witnessing the gratitude of the Iraqi children at the school and when he rode with troops on convoys motivated him to come home and found the program, Operation Iraqi Children.
Operation Iraqi Children provides a way for Americans to send school supply kits to Iraqi children. Sinise and author Laura Hillenbrand founded the program in March 2004.
“It’s a way for you to support the children by sending pencils, beanie babies or soccer balls,” Sinise said. “That all started because of one of those convoys I was on. ”
Sinise said his experience playing Lt. Dan, an injured Vietnam veteran, in the movie, “Forrest Gump,” helped him identify with the troops he met with in Iraq.
Servicemembers today have much more support than during the Vietnam War, he said, noting that it’s important to maintain that support because military service is a sacrifice that should not be taken lightly.
“It’s an honorable thing to serve your country,” he said. “We need those volunteers; we need those defenders. ”
Operation Iraqi Children is a partner in the Defense Department’s America Supports You program that showcases America’s support for the men and women of the armed forces and the myriad ways the country is expressing that support.

Lt. Col. Nicholas Zoeller, commander of 13th Corps Support Command Civil Affairs, poses with an Iraqi girl. (US Army photo by Spc. Blanka Stratford)


Maj. Tracy Fong, officer for the 13th Corps Support Command Civil Affairs, plays with an Iraqi boy. (US Army photo by Spc. Blanka Stratford)

22 Jan

Mensa Test ~ Try It You Might Like It

I took the MENSA Intelligence Test
According to MENSA, if you get 19 + of these, you are a “genius”.
Only 2 MENSA members achieved full marks. See how well you do.
Scoring: 1 to 5 is Average, 6 – 11 Somewhat Intelligent, 12 to 18 Intelligent, 19 + Genius

My score : 27 of the 33

It was fun you might like to try it.

22 Jan

Protesters To Attend Funeral of Chief Warrant Officer Kyle Jackson of Sarasota

Kyle Jackson died near Al Sukar, Iraq, on January 13, 2006 when his OH-58D Kiowa Warrior helicopter came under attack by enemy forces using small arms fire.
He was assigned to the 1st Battalion, 10th Aviation Regiment, 10th Mountain Division, Fort Drum, New York
Twenty-eight-year-old Chief Warrant Officer Kyle Jackson died while flying a helicopter in Iraq. Kyle’s father, Gary, says Kyle loved helicopters even as a child. His dream of flying came true when he joined the US Army.

from our local paper, the Sarasota Herald Tribune about Kyle Jackson…………………

“Thank you,” for starters.
Kyle Jackson died on behalf of his country — all of us. It’s an act of extraordinary sacrifice that most Americans, so removed from battle, are never called on to make. Jackson and his family have thus given far more than their share. We owe them a debt of gratitude and remembrance for their immeasurable loss.
The death of Jackson, an Army helicopter pilot, represents more than a war casualty; he was also a son, father and husband — roles that go to the heart of society. His absence casts a giant shadow, but his children can take inspiration from the way he lived.
In their grief, we hope Jackson’s family can count on the community’s help — just as the community counted on his.

But it cannot be where a family can be left alone in their time of grief and pride as well in their son.
Because of people like what you will now read about.

Sarasota Herald Tribune
Anti-gay group to protest at soldier’s funeral
Westboro Baptist Church plans to picket, but Patriot Guard group says it’ll protect family.

SARASOTA — The Sunday funeral service for a Sarasota soldier killed in Iraq could be turned into a spectacle of screaming protesters from an anti-gay group and the roaring Harley-Davidsons of a nationwide veterans organization.
For the second time in a month, members of the Westboro Baptist Church, a Kansas-based group which claims the United States is being punished by God for being friendly to homosexuals, plan to protest in Southwest Florida. The group, whose Web site says the country should outlaw sodomy and impose the death penalty for offenders, protested the newly formed Gay Straight Alliance at Port Charlotte High School last month.
This time, Westboro is taking aim at the funeral of Army helicopter pilot Kyle Jackson, 28, who was killed Jan. 13 when his helicopter was shot down by insurgents near Mosul, Iraq.
Westboro claims to have held more than 22,000 anti-gay demonstrations since 1991. But in the past year it has tried to connect its anti-gay rhetoric to the deaths of U.S. soldiers in Iraq, holding protests at more than 20 soldier funerals across the country.
Shirley Phelps-Roper, the daughter of Westboro pastor Fred Phelps, said the group had already planned to be in Tampa this weekend for a protest of Gay Straight Alliance groups there.
“And then here came this opportunity to help the people of Sarasota connect the dots, and they certainly deserve that opportunity,” Phelps-Roper said. “We’re going to remind them that there is a God and a heaven and a hell and a day of choice.”
Phelps-Roper said America is “feeling the sword of God” because it is pro-gay. A disapproving God “has become America’s terrorist” and is sending soldiers home in body bags as proof, Phelps-Roper said.
Fred Phelps claims the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks on the United States were God’s punishment on a “gay-enabling” nation.
“From the beginning, Phelps’ group has been the single most vicious anti-gay group in America, bar none,” said Mark Potok, who directs hate group investigations for the Southern Poverty Law Center, a Montgomery, Ala.-based civil rights organization.
“But in recent years,” Potok added, “Phelps has spiraled downward into utter madness. He is a walking hate crime.”
The funeral protests have been roundly criticized by communities across the country. Some communities and states have gone so far as to consider drafting legislation to stop them.
Potok said the Southern Poverty Law erty Law Center is trying to determine if any such legislation could be crafted to pass constitutional muster.
Kyle Jackson’s father, Gary Jackson, said sheriff’s officials alerted him to the protest.
“I expected stuff like this,” Jackson said. “What it is, is they want to take advantage of the high media situation to make their statement.”
He said his son’s funeral will go on without a problem.
“Kyle is an American hero,” he said. “The bigger stir they make, the bigger the hero he becomes. It won’t hurt my feelings; we will deal with it. We have a great and caring community here and this is something that is in God’s hands.”
Westboro Baptist Church consists mostly of Phelps family members; only one other family in Topeka has joined the church.
Phelps has 13 children, but four are estranged from their father and have nothing to do with the church, according to Potok.
Phelps-Roper said about 10 church members plan to be at Jackson’s funeral, planned for 1 p.m. Sunday at Phillippi Estate Park, 5500 S. Tamiami Trail.
If they want their message heard, they’ll have to raise their voices above the din of perhaps hundreds of motorcycle engines.
The Patriot Guard is a nationwide coalition of veterans formed last year in direct response to Westboro’s picketing of soldier funerals.
Their goal is to shield the family and friends of the soldiers from seeing or hearing Westboro’s screaming, sign-waving protesters. The Patriot Guard tries to position its members between where the Westboro group demonstrates and the path of mourners.
“We’re not counterprotesters or protesters,” said Clayton Murphy, a Patriot Guard coordinator and a Coast Guard veteran who lives in Tampa. “We’re there for one objective only and that’s to protect the family.
“… We’ll fire up the engines and drown them out so other people don’t have to hear their hatred.”

From their totally sick website
It is a PDF file just to let you know……….I will do the best I can do put what it is on here in case you cannot open a pdf file.
Westboro Baptist Church
3701 SW 12″ St. Topeka, Ks. 66604 785-273-0325 www.godhatesfags.com
Friday, January 20,2006
(Supplemental info: background, photos, audio sermons & hymns, and video footage — available free at:
mvv.godhatesfags.com, godhatesamerica.com, fredthemovie.com, and hatemongers.com).
Thank God for IEDs
(Improvised Explosive Devices)
God Himself Has Now Become America’s Terrorist, Killing Americans in Strange Lands for “Brokeback Mountain Fag Sins.
WBC to picket funeral of Army Chief Warrant Officer 2 Kyle Jackson
– at 1 p.m., Sunday Jan. 22, at Phillipi Mansion,
5500 S. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, Florida.
Killed in Iraq for America’s fag sins and bombing WBC in a terroristic effort to silence our anti-gay Gospel preaching by violent intimidation.
America bombed our church with an IED made by fag students at Washburu U. in Topeka. In his retaliatory
wrath, God is killing Americans with Muslim IEDs:
God Almighty killed Army CWO Jackson. He died in shame, not honor – for a fag nation cursed by God: Cast into Hell with his soldier pals.
They turned America Over to fags;
They’re coming home
In body bags.
They come night & day, steel-gray cargo planes, bringing IED dead. America became WBC’s terrorist. Now God Himself is America’s Terrorist.

Kyle plays with his daughter Keira

Kyle’s wife Betsy Jackson…………………

For three days after Army officials told Betsy Jackson her husband had been killed in an Army helicopter crash in Iraq, she didn’t get out of bed or greet visitors.
She was inconsolable because she had lost her soulmate.
Then she realized that her husband would be upset that her grief was preventing her from being a good mother to their 2-year-old daughter Keira.
“I have to be there and be strong for her,” Betsy Jackson said Tuesday evening, wrapped in a blanket on her mother’s couch. “It’s not going to be easy, but I’m going to do it for Kyle.”
Kyle Jackson was an intelligent man and good father who meticulously prepared for everything — even his death.
The pair met as teenagers. To get Betsy, then 15, to go out with him, Kyle Jackson made a heart-shaped pizza and arranged the toppings on it to make a face. It worked.
They dated through high school. The couple stood out: He had a green Mohawk and she had purple hair. Even back then Kyle knew he wanted to be a pilot.
They stopped dating, and he went into the Marine Corps. They got back together and married three years ago.
Kyle Jackson joined the Army mid-January 2002 to get flight training.
When he got orders to go to Iraq in October he simply told Betsy, “It’s my job, and that’s that.”
He wanted to go to Iraq to support his “brothers,” the close-knit group of 19 men who also piloted two-seat armed OH-58D Kiowa helicopters.
Betsy Jackson said her husband had great respect for Mitchell Carver, the co-pilot from North Carolina who also died in the crash. They were roommates for several weeks when they first got to Iraq.
Their helicopter crashed Friday after Iraqi insurgents shot at it, the Department of Defense said. Jackson and Carver were supporting a group of Iraqi police who were under fire, family said.
Betsy and Keira returned to Sarasota to live with Betsy’s mother while Jackson fought in Iraq.

And here is a video from the Tampa Bay News….VIDEO…..
Just look on the right side of the screen for VIDEO and click on it.
Here are comments from those who knew Kyle some from the video………….
Gary Jackson, Kyle’s Father:
“I’m so proud of him, it was a huge loss. He could have done so much for the country.”
Kyle took pride in being a husband and father of two girls. On Friday the 13th, it all came to an end. When his parents watched reports of a helicopter crash in Iraq on national television, they worried it was their son.
Gary Jackson, Kyle’s Father:
“She had been very anxious for an hour. I think she could feel it. I was cold during that time, I told somebody I felt like I was freezing to death.”
Four hours went by without a call. They thought they were ok, but then the phone rang with the devastating news.
Gary Jackson, Kyle’s Father:
“They were ambushed from several directions at the same time, they were set up. I think the whole thing was a set up.”
Kyle is described as fearless, yet funny.
Gary Jackson, Kyle’s Father:
“He had a sparkle in his eye and he was always trying to make everyone laugh.”
A hero until the end, doing what he loved most.
Gary Jackson, Kyle’s Father:
“I believed the angels came down and carried him away when it was his time.”
Kyle’s wife Betsy understands her husband’s sacrifice, but says he will be deeply missed.

Wild Thing’s comment………..
There has to be a special place in hell for people belonging to the Westboro Baptist Church and their leader Phelps.
The Patriot Guards are a wonderful group. I thank you for all your efforts.
They objective first is : Honor and Respect

21 Jan

President of Greatness ~ Ronald Reagan

Twenty-five years ago today, Ronald Reagan was sworn in as the 40th President of the United States of America.

President Reagan walked the high ground and
stayed the course. I am forever thankful for his strengths
and knowing the cost of our Freedom and NOT allowing others
to change their calling.
~ Wild Thing

Some quotes by President Reagan:

We dare not shirk our responsibility to keep America free, secure, and at peace.
– Ronald Reagan, State of the Union Address, January 25, 1984.
America must remain freedom’s staunchest friend, for freedom is our best ally.
– Ronald Reagan, Second Inaugural Address, January 21, 1985.
We must restore America’s ability to defend itself and fulfill its responsibilities as a trustee of freedom and peace in the world…
– President Ronald Reagan, Radio Address to the Nation on Administration Policies, August 25, 1984.
There must be no wavering by us, nor any doubts by others, that America will meet her responsibilities to remain free, secure, and at peace.
– Ronald Reagan, Second Inaugural Address, January 21, 1985.
My fellow citizens, our Nation is poised for greatness. We must do what we know is right and do it with all our might. Let history say of us, “These were golden years—when the American Revolution
was reborn, when freedom gained new life, when America reached for her best.”
– Ronald Reagan, Second Inaugural Address, January 21, 1985.
So, let me today speak for a united people. Let me say simply: We’re Americans. We love this country. We love what she stands for, and we will always defend her…. We live for freedom — our own, our children’s — and we will always stand ready to sacrifice for that freedom.
– President Ronald Reagan, Remarks at the Annual Convention
of the American Bar Association, July 8, 1985.
How can we not believe in the greatness of America?
How can we not do what is right and needed to preserve
this last best hope of man on Earth? After all our struggles
to restore America, to revive confidence in our country,
hope for our future, after all our hard-won victories earned
through the patience and courage of every citizen, we cannot,
must not, and will not turn back. We will finish our job.
How could we do less? We’re Americans.
– Ronald Reagan, State of the Union Address, January 25, 1984

“The house we hope to build is not for my generation
but for yours. It is your future that matters. And I hope
that when you are my age, you will be able to say as I
have been able to say: We lived in freedom. We lived
lives that were a statement, not an apology.”

“Every lesson of history tells us that appeasement does not
lead to peace. It invites an aggressor to test the will of a
nation unprepared to meet that test. And tragically, those
who seemingly want peace the most, our young people,
pay the heaviest price for our failure to maintain our strength.”
– Governor Ronald Reagan, Speech, Sept. 15, 1972.

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21 Jan

What Is The Truth About Murtha’s Medals

Murtha’s Mangled Medal Stories
Found here at Media Research Center
by L. Brent Bozell III
January 17, 2006

Since November, the media have carried Rep. John Murtha around on their shoulders like a conquering hero for his opposition to the war in Iraq. They’ve thrown around the words “war hero” like clowns throwing candy at a parade. Murtha was broadcast far and wide attacking Vice President Cheney for his five deferments from Vietnam, suggesting these chicken hawks don’t like any suggestions about how to fight a war.
If Murtha were a Republican accusing a Democrat like this, we know what would happen. The so-called nonpartisan, objective, “mainstream” media would either (a) totally ignore him as an irrelevant, obscure House wacko, or (b) investigate his own military record to see if he earned all the “war hero” talk. And if discrepancies were found, all hell would break loose. And if you don’t believe me, just ask John O’Neill and the Swift Boat Vets for Truth, who underwent first (a) and then (b) when they challenged John Kerry.
But Murtha is a Democrat accusing a Republican. So it fell to the Cybercast News Service, (CNSNews.com, which I founded), and reporters Marc Morano and Randy Hall to look into the Murtha military record. What they found were a lot of similarities to the military record of John Kerry.
Like Kerry, Murtha’s medals came for surface wounds that never caused his evacuation from the battlefield, and like Kerry, he attempted to get his medals by political manipulation, in Murtha’s case, through then-Rep. John Saylor. But Saylor’s office felt it was odd for Murtha to seek medals for “superficial lacerations.”
Murtha also told differing stories about when and where he was wounded in action. A Pittsburgh Post-Gazette story reported in 2002 that Murtha had facial lacerations. In 1994, the Uniontown (Pa.) Herald-Standard quoted Murtha saying he was “wounded in the arm” for one medal and “my knee was banged up and my arm was banged up when a helicopter was shot down” for the other. Then, Morano and Hall uncovered a June 1, 1967 report in the Johnstown (Pa.) Tribune-Democrat quoting from a letter from Murtha to his wife describing his injuries as being “struck in the ankle” by a “shot that ricocheted off the helicopter.”
Since there were so many similarities to Kerry – including the fact that author Morano was also one of the first reporters on the Swift Boat Veterans story – the left predictably threw an ugly fit. It was not long, then, for Washington Post columnist E.J. Dionne to load his air-rifle for rhetorical battle. “I underestimated the viciousness of the right wing,” he began.
Even before he gets started, we know where he’s going, don’t we?. Liberals want to insist when they tout a “war hero” making their anti-liberation of Iraq talking points, it’s 100 percent beyond the pale of decency to investigate him. They want the world to know that when a “war hero” acceptable to them disagrees with President Bush, everyone must stop, shut up, and listen like an old E.F. Hutton commercial.
Dionne sounds just like his hero Bill Clinton as he proclaims to be maddened by “the unblushing hypocrisy of the right wing and the way it circulates…personal vilification to abort honest political debate.” As if that weren’t enough, there’s also this: “Moreover, the right has demonstrated that its attitude toward military service is entirely opportunistic.”
Now here is where we should all acknowledge our partisanship – I oppose the Clintons and the Kerrys, and Dionne favors them. But can Dionne honestly state that the left wing (and “objective” smearers like CBS) have not resorted to “personal vilification” on the military record of George W. Bush? Can he honestly ignore that the left has vilified the World War II military service of Bob Dole in 1996 (Robert Ellis in The Nation) and George H. W. Bush in 1992 (Sidney Blumenthal in the New Republic)?
More importantly, how dare anyone on the left accuse any conservative of attitudinal opportunism where military service is involved. Military service didn’t matter a bit to them when Bill Clinton was running, but was vitally important when Kerry was their man in 2004. They felt George W. Bush’s National Guard record was a scandal in 2000, but also didn’t want the media poring over Al Gore’s Vietnam service as a journalist. Four years later, there they were again, poring over Bush’s Vietnam-era service record.
It’s fair to state that on some investigative stories, only conservatives want the tough, thorough report, and on others, only liberals are really jazzed about it. But what about the public interest? A media revering the words “objective,” “nonpartisan,” and “mainstream” would investigate both Republicans and Democrats when politicians start dragging out their war records.

And here is another article on the same topic………….
Murtha’s War Hero Status Called Into Question
Found at CNSNews.com
Wild Thing’s comment……….
Like Kerry, Murtha has made a big political issue out of his Vietnam service. He should sign his form 180 and release his military records. If he were a Republican, the media would be screaming their heads off demanding that he make his records public.
How many times have you heard that Murtha was a “hero” and deserved respect….at the SAME time as he is behaving like a traitor and under suspicion by the ethics committee? Murtha has used his war service as his “blood earned right” to criticize the war and the President and the war. There would be only one way to end the questioning…..
Please note that Kerry has still failed to fully release his records, too. Murtha, like Kerry — ran on his military record….. He made a freaking career of his “military service”, his sacrifice recognized by his TWO Purple Hearts……..
I don’t think it’s asking too much.
Murtha is not honorable! Once ANYONE attacks his fellow brother in arms, no matter what his heroics; no matter what his medals, he looses all rights to that brotherhood of men! He is fair game, and if found to be a liar like John Kerry, then he needs to be exposed and forced to prove he earned the medals. Otherwise they have no meaning!
A May 12, 2002, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article reported that “Marine Corps casualty records show that Murtha was injured in ‘hostile’ actions near Danang, Vietnam, on March 22, 1967 and May 7, 1967. In the first incident, his right cheek was lacerated, and in the second he was lacerated above his left eye. Neither injury required evacuation.”
Yet on Murtha’s web site he claims he received all his Vietnam decorations in 1966 Helluva combat intel guy…got his medals before he was wounded????
If we do nothing and say nothing as some want to do, Muthra gets re-elected almost unopposed for the next two years Muthra gets to continue to destroy the moral of our troops from the floor of the house. Murtha expects us to respect his “present” based on his “past” (as did Kerry). Besides, if he is one of the people questioning others’ ethics, then his should be open for scrutiny as well. We have 160,000 troops over in Iraq that Murfa has made every hour more dangerous for them. Then there is the message of weakness and division that Iran and our other enemies hear. Murfa’s military service allows him to stake out the high moral ground and shriek his unamerican BS! If he misrepresented his service record he needs to be knocked off the hill.
It will be interesting to see where this goes.
If Col Murtha wanted to quash this, he could release the records.
As President Reagan said, “Trust, but verify”.