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22 Feb

“The Pacific” March 14, 2010 – HBO ( the latest trailer)

This is the latest trailer for the 10-part miniseries “The Pacific” March 14, 2010 – HBO The miniseries premiere will

08 Feb

Charles Krauthammer Setting Juan Williams Straight

Charles Krauthammer setting Juan Williams straight after Williams dared to compare “Obamanomics” to “Reaganomics.” Williams had said Obama’s tendency to

31 Jan

Limbaugh Let’s Loose

Rush during the preliminaries at the Miss Americva Pageant on Thursday night ( Rush was one of the Judges) .

29 Jan

Rush Has A Heart To Heart With Obama

Rush Limbaugh yesterday giving President Obama some “Fatherly Advice” in a “heart-to-heart” talk he wrote on the heels of a

11 Jan

“HOPE” – Obama Musical Story

This is SICK! HOPE – Obama Musical Story Stage is set for ‘HOPE-The Obama Musical Story’ The Hill A preview

08 Jan

Jay Leno Jokes About Rumor His Show Might Be Canceled

Jay Leno last night joked about rumors that his show will be canceled due to poor ratings. Leno also got

07 Dec

Rush Limbaugh Talks To William Shatner

Rush Limbaugh Talks To William Shatner On His Show “”Shatner’s Raw Nerve”. In a refreshing interview with William Shatner Mr.

05 Dec

Rush Limbaugh To Be Guest On William Shatner’s TV Show ” Raw Nerve”

When: Sunday, December 6 Time: 10PM ET Where: Biography channel Preview of Rush on the show. Conservative radio talk-show legend,

23 Nov

‘SNL’ Skit Scorches Obama Policies

‘SNL’ scorches Obama policies NBC comedy show ruthless in satire of president’s plans wnd Saturday Night Live” opened its show

13 Nov

HBO’s “The Pacific” Trailer #2

HBO has just released a new trailer for the 10-part miniseries, which will chronicle the action in the Pacific Theater