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28 Mar

Top 10 Best Schitt’s Creek Moments

    Balancing humor and heart , these are the best Schitt’s Creek moments.  

02 Nov

TV Series “The Rockford Files” Jim Rockford To The Occupy Wall Streeter ~ LOL GREAT Reply!

Your alternative lifestyle comes out of somebody else’s pocket If you’ve never watched “The Rockford Files,” then you have missed

03 Nov

Sly Stallone About Voting

This is from Nov. 2nd, yesterdayit is a Tweet from Sly Stallone: Vote to Get ‘Manchurian Candidate’ Out of Driver’s

03 Oct

Teaser Of Rush Limbaugh on FAMILY GUY Airing Tonight

. Family Guy….FOX . Rush On Why He Agreed To Family Guy Starring Role Radio Equalizer While Rush Limbaugh is

16 Sep

Kelsey Grammer To MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann Thanks ~ LOL

Kelsey Grammer sending MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann a thank you message for recently naming him and his newly launched “Right Network”

11 Sep

A Classic by Jay Leno Talking About Taxes, Economy and Jobs

Leno: Govt Workers Who Aren’t There, Are Needed To Spend $ We Don’t Have, To Create Jobs That Don’t Exist

13 Aug

James Caan Refuses to Be the Typical ‘Hollywood Liberal’

James Caan came out last week at a film festival – “I’m an ultra-conservative.” FOX News Veteran actor James Caan

19 Jul

George Will Calls NAACP Resolution ” Left-wing McCarthyism ” ~ Nope More Like Alinsky

George Will nailed it on Sunday morning’s show This Week. He argued that the racist NAACP tea party resolution was

07 Jul

LOL ….Does a former Drill Sergeant make a terrible therapist? You be the judge.

Wild Thing’s comment…….. Hahahahaha I love it. I love this guy, he is always good.

01 Mar

Afghan: US Bomb Squad On The Frontlines Discuss Movie “The Hurt Locker”

. U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Joshua Rickert, from San Antonio, Texas, member of an Explosive Ordnance Disposal unit, checks