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17 May

Jimmy Carter Screw You Peanut Breath!

Carter denounces Israel’s new plan to redraw border WASHINGTON (AFP) – Former president Jimmy Carter has denounced plans by Israel’s

25 Apr

Holocaust Day of Remembrance

April 25, 2006, is a day of remembrance for six million Jews who perished during the Holocaust . . .

17 Apr

Boy, Is He Going To Be Surprised

Top sheikh: Jerusalem Islamic nation’s capital Marking anniversary of prophet Muhammad’s birth, 30,000 Muslims gather in Kfar Kana soccer stadium

17 Apr

Palestinian’s Natural Born Murderers! Killers All of Them!

A Palestinian suicide bomber has struck a falafel restaurant in the Israeli city of Tel Aviv The attack took place

03 Apr

Girls In The IDF ~ Then and Now

Dr.Ruth, Sex Sage and Ex-Sniper with the IDF An interview with the 4-foot-7-inch-tall (140 centimeters), German born, Jewish grandmother. Dr.

30 Jan

Hamas Demands Israel Change Its Flag

Hamas Demands Israel Change its Flag, Concede Islamic Ownership of the Land ( Hamas spokesman Mahmoud Zahar issued a demand

28 Dec

IDF Smackdown or Dear Terrorist Dogs: Happy Hanukkah!

Israeli Jets Strike Militant Base in Lebanon JERUSALEM — Israeli jets attacked a Palestinian militant group’s training base in southern

14 Nov

A Lesson for Condi Rice

The EVIL Hamas start them young on the road to HATE and killing of Jews ! Do NOT kid yourself

24 Oct

As Israel Goes So Goes The World

There are two items in this post I would like to share with you Item Number one…….. A Quran In

20 Oct

U.S. Wants Abbas to Urge Non-Violence

WASHINGTON – The Bush administration is asking Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas to require candidates in next January’s election to renounce