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10 Oct

Looking Foward For The Obama Nightmare To END In The Next Election!!

. . . Wild Thing’s comment……… I am sick of the attacks and BS in the news and the double

28 Aug

Hurricane Irene – Weather Channel Streaker ~ OMG …LOL

Weather Channel viewers were blown away when a young fan dropped his shorts during their hurricane coverage. Wild Thing’s comment….

25 Aug

The Donkey Whisperer

. Wild Thing’s comment…… Texas Republican Roger Williams who is running for Congress in the Lone Star State’s 33rd Congressional

18 Jun

After Idiot Obama Blamed ATM Machines…Check This Out …Save The Economy: BAN ATMs ~ LMAO

Obama said, “There are some structural issues with our economy, where a lot of businesses have learned to become much

31 May

James Stewart Republican versus Henry Fonda Democrat

James Stewart Republican versus Henry Fonda Democrat in the movie ; The Cheyenne Social Club Wild Thing’s comment…….. LOL I

18 May

Osama’s Watery Grave Captured

. Wild Thing’s comment…….. LMAO I love it! ….Thank you Mark for sending this to me. Mark 3rd Mar.Div. 1st

08 May

Image Of OBL Buried At Sea

. Wild Thing’s comment…… LOL Soooo perfect! ….Thank you Darth for sending this to me. Darth U.S. Airforce C-5 loadmaster

03 May

Obama ~ Osama ~ Obama ~ Osama ….OOPS! LOL

. Lt. Col. Oliver North on President’s Decision to Send in Special Forces to Kill Bin Laden Now listen carefullly

22 Apr

A Cat and A Dog……On a Chilly Night

One chilly evening, the dog decided to steal the blanket from the cat perched on the back of the couch.

18 Apr

Don Rickles Goes Crazy at Ronald Reagan’s 2nd Inaugural – Jan., 1985 !!

Don Rickles doing what he does best — at President Ronald Reagan’s 2nd Inaugural in Jan., 1985 Wild Thing’s comment……..