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03 Jan

Sen. “Swimmer” Opens His Trap

Kennedy Touted Anti-Bush Spy Hoax More than a week after the story was exposed as a hoax, Sen. Ted Kennedy

17 Dec

What Is On President Bush’s IPod

Ever wondered what the most powerful man in the world listens to in his spare time? In a rare departure

04 Nov

To All The Dems I Loved Before….NOT!

. Excuse me Democrats but I do believe WE are in the Majority so stop acting like you own the

31 Oct

Bush Hits a Grand Slam

Our President has chosen Federal Judge Samuel Alito as his next Supreme Court nominee. Alito is often called “Scalito” because

07 Oct

Pelosi Statement on Ramadan- GRRRrrrrr

Washington, D.C. – House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi released the following statement in recognition of the Muslim holy month of

05 Oct

Supreme Court Judges

There is a contract between our government and the governed, the contract that is the US Constitution – the supreme