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12 Jan

DemoRATS Bring NEW Meaning To The Word Lowlife Scum

Transcript: GRAHAM: …Are you really a closet bigot? ALITO: I’m not any kind of a bigot, I’m not. GRAHAM: No,

11 Jan

UPDATES ON: Insane Howard Dean Sunday Morning on CNN’s Late Edition With Wolf Blitzer

US Newswire “There are no Democrats who took money from Jack Abramoff, not one, not one single Democrat. Every person

10 Jan

Sen. Jeff Sessions (R.-Ala.) Took Kennedy To Task

Kennedy Asserts Alito Is Racist….from Human Events Online Among Sen. Teddy Kennedy’s many complaints about Samuel Alito, the one that

09 Jan

Vice President Cheney Handling The Press

Vice President Dick Cheney uses a cane during a tour of the Harley Davidson plant in Kansas City, Mo., Friday,

03 Jan

Sen. “Swimmer” Opens His Trap

Kennedy Touted Anti-Bush Spy Hoax More than a week after the story was exposed as a hoax, Sen. Ted Kennedy

17 Dec

What Is On President Bush’s IPod

Ever wondered what the most powerful man in the world listens to in his spare time? In a rare departure

04 Nov

To All The Dems I Loved Before….NOT!

. Excuse me Democrats but I do believe WE are in the Majority so stop acting like you own the

31 Oct

Bush Hits a Grand Slam

Our President has chosen Federal Judge Samuel Alito as his next Supreme Court nominee. Alito is often called “Scalito” because

07 Oct

Pelosi Statement on Ramadan- GRRRrrrrr

Washington, D.C. – House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi released the following statement in recognition of the Muslim holy month of

05 Oct

Supreme Court Judges

There is a contract between our government and the governed, the contract that is the US Constitution – the supreme