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06 Feb

Mark Levin: This Is Most Radical Administration in US History

  Biden has been on the job only two weeks but has already issued forty-three executive orders and actions. With

05 Feb
04 Feb

Sen Kennedy rebukes Kerry’s private jet use: He has to ‘walk the walk’

  Sen. John Kennedy, R-LA, slams Climate Czar John Kerry over his use of a private jet saying that Americans

04 Feb

Fantastic Congressman Jim Jordan goes off on Liz Cheney, Jerrold Nadler

  Congressman Jim Jordan and Newsmax TV’s Grant Stinchfield comment on the GOP’s relationship with Liz Cheney and the ‘secret

03 Feb

Rush Limbaugh ….The Trump Library Will Be America’s Top Tourist Attraction

  Rush Limbaugh knows a Trump library would be the biggest tourist attraction in the country. It’s yet another example

03 Feb

Awesome Rep. Jim Jordan on Fox News

      Wild Thing’s comment……… Rep.Jim Jordan is a TRUE true patriot!!  

01 Feb

Diamond and Silk Discuss the Swamp Politician Mitch McConnell

  Mitch just stood there and told a Blatant Lie about Trump. Mitch’s betrayal of President Trump will never be

30 Jan

I’m done with Hollywood …. Antonio Sabato Jr.

    Longtime actor, producer and director Antonio Sabato Jr. says he’s simply done with the ‘liberal’ bias in Hollywood

30 Jan

Greg Gutfeld: Biden is an empty vessel for the left

  Huge thank you to Greg Gutfeld who is always fantastic! I love his rants and commentaries.