26 Aug

At Least 800 Islamic Extremists Ready To Launch Attacks In Europe

At least 800 Islamist extremists are ready to launch attacks in Europe after returning from Iraq and Syria, intelligence services warn
– Jihadis poised for order from ISIS and Al Qaeda to strike on the Continent
– Source: ‘They are not well trained, but they are prepared to do anything’
-Around 350 Britons have also returned, with some planning attacks in UK
– High-speed train terrorist is believed to be an ‘Islamist returner’ from Syria
Around 800 jihadists have returned to Europe to launch attacks after being trained by extremists in Iraq and Syria, intelligence services have warned.
Counter-terrorism officers said the fanatics had been recruited by the Islamic State or Al Qaeda-linked groups and were waiting for the order to strike on the Continent.
Around half of the 700 Britons who have traveled to fight in the Middle East have also returned, with some believed to be planning attacks in the UK.

Wild Thing’s comment.……….
The way Obama has been bringing Muslims to our country it might even be the same here in America.

TomR,armed in Texas says:

It would be the same in America except for our armed citizenery. Eventually the jihadists will begin coordinated attacks on us and we will again remember what 9-11 was all about.