04 May

Stressed out kitty gets relaxing massage ~ (video) So cute!

A cat’s life can be extremely stressful. Scratching furniture, playing with toys, chasing laser pointers, being petted all day…Sounds rough right? The cat in the video above unwinds by getting a neck massage.

Wild Thing’s comment……
LOL this kitty is so cute and is really enjoying the massage.

Carlos says:

Tissues at the ready for this tearjerker:
Dog Isn’t Only Man’s Best Friend:

Sean says:

That expression on his/her face, and the contented waggging tail, says it all.
I have 2 cats, and on a daily basis one or the other will do somthing that makes my day.

TomR, armed in Texas says:

Dogs and cats. Great companions that are stress relievers from life’s daily challenges. If I come back as an animal I want to be a domestic cat. What a life!

Wild Thing says:

Carlos, your right about tissues, this is such a special story wow. Thank you so much!!!!

Wild Thing says:

Sean, how wonderful. Your right too, there is always something they do each day that makes my heart smile.

Wild Thing says:

Tom, giggle, I know what you mean.