15 Nov

Good Grief!!! Coming To A State Near You Soon!

Prop. 8 protests could become national movement
Outrage and anguish over the passage of Proposition 8 has spurred massive street protests throughout California, and leaders of the gay and lesbian community believe the backlash could spark an unprecedented nationwide push for gay rights.
Today, same-sex marriage supporters have planned simultaneous protests throughout California and in all 50 states, as well as cities in Canada, England and Australia.
The backlash after Tuesday’s vote has been enormous and wide-reaching. People and businesses have become targets of blacklists and boycotts.
People around the country were watching this very closely,” said Kellan Baker, a Washington, D.C., resident who is organizing today’s protest there. “For Californians to go to the ballot box to strip people of civil rights they had been enjoying is, I guess, the last straw.”
The boycotts and blacklists are affecting not only the political faces behind the Prop. 8 campaign, but also individual supporters.
Phillip Fletcher, a Palo Alto dentist who donated $1,000 to the campaign, is featured prominently on a Web site listing donors targeted for boycott. He said two of his patients already have left over the donation.

Wild Thing’s comment………..
LOL sorry about the photo, I just could not resist. hahahahaha
We had this on our ballot too and Florida big time does not want gay marriage. I was so glad. At least one thing good happened from this last election.

Lynn says:

Maybe it’s time we protested back just as loud and clear as they, but we’d be called racist, now wouldn’t we?
I’m with Archie Bunker, call a spade a spade. Be honest about it. You chose this life, now deal with the consequences of it. Every life has consequences, from the top echelons on down to the most poor and poverty stricken. We don’t get everything we want but throwing a temper tantrum only makes you look stupid in public. Why can’t the police give tickets for being ugly in public?
You want your friends, family and coworkers and boss to know you dress like a fairy and wear women’s undergarments? How embarrassing!

James R McKenna says:

LOL….thats a bit to much to go with my coffee this morning…makes me sorry for some of the gay folks i know…kinda hard to take them seriously when you see pictures like that.

darthcrUSAderworldtour07 says:

GOD forbid if an islamofascist caliphate is established over here – like they’re fighting their jihad for – guess who would be the first INFIDELS to go?

BobF says:

The parade around the streets like that and expect people to support them.
Bill O’Rielly has been hammering on why they’re only protesting at White churches that opposed them and not at Black churches since Blacks voted 70% in favor of Prop 8. They’ve come up with all types of reasons but no one has said they’re scared to go into the Black neighborhoods. Can you imagine what would happen if a bunch of ferries like that entered Watts and protested Black churches? There would be some serious beatings taking place. No way those gang-bangers would allow that to march on their streets.

Jack says:

More fruits and nuts from the land of whispering bushes. Queers on main street. Geeze, to think that Mr. tolerant was arrested and put on a Greyhound back to Ft. Irwin for washing one of them, his head anyway, in the Urinal,tsk tsk. Sssstop yoour huuurting mwe!!!
I don’t care what you do in private, don’t like the label of queer then don’t flaunt it in public!!!

TomR says:

Barney Franks friends.
Their protests by the weirdest of them is only hurting their cause. I know several gays and lesbians and they are not part of this movement.

Mark says:

Is there some way we can disconnect these people from the United States ? MY god they are embarrassing. Why can’t they go back into the closet where they belong. And do what they do best. Friggin perverts.

Les says:

And this is what our troops are fighting and dying for.

Michael says:

Our protest today in DC was respectful, friendly, and without costumes. I don’t care if you don’t like the way you live. I do care if I’m not treated equally.
Our troops (yes, they’re mine too) are fighting for freedom and equality. Straight and gay soldiers die for freedom and I am proud of all of them.

Wild Thing says:

Lynn, that is what I wish they would realize.
Stop messing with Marriage, God mean it imo between a man and a woman.

Wild Thing says:

James R McKenna, I agree. When Nicholas and I worked in showbiz and a lot of the makeup and hair dressers with the studio’s were gay. I think only one of them told us he would dress up crazy like this for the gay parade in Hollywood.

Wild Thing says:

Darth, in Iran they are killed. I would imagine they live in secret more then ever there so they can stay alive.

Wild Thing says:

BobF, the left sure has some weird thinking as to who their biggest enemies are. The blacks won’t admit that the dems held them back and the Republicans want to free slaves. Same thing with this they rather not mess with the black churchs I guess even though as you said they voted more then anyone else to keep marriage for only men and women.

Wild Thing says:

Jack, I agree, if I wanted to be taken seriously I sure as heck would not be in gay parades and dress like a joke like this guy is doing.

Wild Thing says:

Tom, yes it really has hurt their cause to do things like this.
I asked the ( gay) man that works at the coffee shop I go to a lot about Prop 8 and he said he was totally against it. He said most of his friends were against it too.

Wild Thing says:

Mark, on our news locally here they tried to push Prop.8 saying it was not just for the gays it was also about senior citizens men and women that lived together. That made me furious because our city has a lot of elderly, retired people and the media was using them to push this God awful Prop. 8. Thank goodness it did not pass.

Wild Thing says:

Michael, I allowed your comment through so I could tell you something.
First I think you mean if I don’t like the way you live. I love the way I live.
“I don’t care if you don’t like the way you live”
And you need to know that not all gays want this marriage thing put through. And when people dress like the photo above, when gay parades are held which are only held to celebrate a sex choice it offends people for many reasons.
Gays are a very small part of the populartion, yet gays insist in many conversations that everyone is gay. This is their agrument for being gay? That is beyond stupid for one thing.
I will agree that yes there are gays (not many) in our military fighting for our freedom along side straight soldiers as well.
Prop 8 is not about that. And Prop 8 is not about gays in the military or that gays are fighting for you to be married to a man.

darthcrUSAderworldtour07 says:

PS: Michael, in this photo of the ‘Fruit Loop Parade’ I counted 16 votes for Obamanation? WT, can you imagine if these freaks disembarked off the Godspeed, Susan Constance and Discovery in Jamestown in 1607 looking like this? The Native Americans would have hid their squaws and children and SHEEP and went onto the WARPATH!!!