20 May

Update on Muslim Funded Minn. School: News crew attacked

This is an UPDATE about the Tarik ibn Zayad Academy in Minn. Please follow the dates and see the latest UPDATE further down. Thank you. ~ Wild Thing
It began here from an article April 10th of this year. Lynn sent me the article and things have been happening with the initial report from the newspaper article.
Minnesota Muslim Public School Paid For By Taxpayers
Katharine Kersten’s excellent investigative work on the Minnesota taxpayer-funded Islamic school, TIZA, has led to a state probe of the institution. It has also shed light again on the spread of sharia in U.S. secondary public schools.

Then this April 11th.
Update On Sharia In U.S. Secondary Public Schools
TIZA Academy is sponsored by Islamic Relief USA, based in California.

Then on April 16th CAIR got involved
CAIR Now Involved Regarding Minneapolis Tax-funded Muslim School
CAIR gets involved and they start to intimidate those telling the truth.


Now yesterday on May 19th
News crew attacked during report at TiZA charter school
Local ABC affiliate KSTP has also continued to update the reporting on this story. Today they went to the school to determine how TiZA would respond to the state’s demand for corrective action. Instead, they found themselves at the center of the story as two TiZA officials attacked the news crew and stole their camera: In an attempt to report about the new findings from the Department of Education, 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS went to TiZA.

“While on school grounds, our crew was attacked by school officials. The two men were able to grab our camera and kept it until police arrived. Our photographer was treated by paramedics after suffering minor injuries.”

KSTP has a video report on their website.
The tape starts off pleasantly, as the children run up to the camera to smile and wave, just like children anywhere would do. One man walks rapidly towards the camera and grabs it, while another unseen man assaults the cameraman. Later, the police would retrieve the camera, and the video shows the police cars responding to the emergency call from the news crew.
The action by the MnDoE should make clear that Kersten had the story essentially right. Local journalists attempting to intimidate her and the Strib — which has thus far refused to submit to this bullying — have some explaining to do.


* Michelle Malkin thanks Michelle for the latest update.

Lynn says:

Aren’t the muslims not to get violent? Don’t they abhor violence? Yet they’re procreating violence every day it seems like.
They’re just mad because we caught them with their fingers in the cookie jar and exposed the school for what it really is.

BobF says:

Coming to a neighborhood near you.

TomR says:

I bet these kids are being taught the muslim standard intolerance toward non-muslims. The news crew has a right to be there as long as tax money is accepted by the school.
As BobF points out, this situation will be everywhere soon.
Buy ammo!

Jack says:

Yep, the pacifists out there are going to have to decide if they value their freedom and they are going to have to decide. Soon!!!

Mark says:

I wonder if this school supports Ohbama. The Christian impersonator.

Les says:

If you want to see why radical Islam is spreading across the public school system and other parts of American society then click on the link below.
And, this is why Libs, Dems, pacifists, and Obama supporters don’t understand the perils of radical Islam and global terrorism.

The price paid for funding a Muslim school with yo

In Minnesota, a TV crew for KSTP going to Tarik ibn Zayad to report about a state probe were attacked by two workers (via Michelle Malkin).

Wild Thing says:

Lynn, yes they have been caught and they don’t like it. CAIR will probably twist this into another one of their lies as to who was attacking who.

Wild Thing says:

BobF, yes that is their agenda.

Wild Thing says:

Tom, I agree, they accept the money like they do they have to let the news crew be there.

Wild Thing says:

Jack, yes they are, all of this is happening faster then ever. It feels like just the last two years all this stuff has increased more then ever.

Wild Thing says:

Mark,yes that is what he is…. “The Christian impersonator”. GRRR

Wild Thing says:

Les, haha those are perfect.