13 Jul

House Democrats Use Image Of Soldiers Coffins In Campaign Video…

Click…..HERE is the Video showing the Democrats using the image of soldiers coffins in Campaign Video

Wild Thing’s comment…….
The entire Democratic party is full of morons, psychopaths, communists, and perverts.

Leave it to the Dems to do as something as low as this. Great Post!

Wild Thing says:

Hi Rightwing Guy, thank you.
I just clicked on your name and looked at your blog. I like it!!!

BobF says:

The Democrats don’t care how many American Citizens and Military die as long as they regain power in Washington. The higher the losses, the more they anticipate. They’re nothing but a bunch of ghouls.

Dems Launch Lame Web Video

It’ll no doubt spark some outrage among critics because of the use of the image of flag-draped coffins. Yes, it’s in bad taste. But it’s more notable that it’s just stupid politics and may even create a backlash. All they’re doing is reinforcing voters…

Wild Thing says:

They sure are Bob, it is disgusting.

TomR says:

This may be good in the long run. Shows the Democraps are getting loonier and more desperate and are reaching out to like minded morons. And morons have a poor voting record, they don’t show up.
The only thing I worry about is the goofy Repubs will shoot themselves in the foot, reload and shoot the other foot. If Bush really wants Conservatives to win in ’06 and ’08 he better support Israel 100% and also get the US borders closed, yesterday.

Wild Thing says:

Tom I agree with every word you wrote!!!!!

beth says:

I agree with Tom – let them keep talking. The more they talk the more their true nature is revealed for every one to see.
It’s all about them regaining power – nothing else matters to them. It’s all about ‘the Party’.

Wild Thing says:

Hi Beth, it sure is (all about their party to them).