13 Jun

Al Gore: Next Movie May Have Nude Scene ~ OMG

Al Gore jokes he’s been getting a taste of the movie star treatment.
The former vice president was on the “Tonight” show Thursday night. Host Jay Leno asked about the reaction to Gore’s documentary on global warming, “An Inconvenient Truth.”
Gore says since he’s been on the Hollywood A-list, he’s had a huge feud with Lindsay Lohan. When Leno asked for details, Gore said Lohan “knows what she did.” The line got a big laugh.
Gore also jokes he might consider a nude scene in his next movie if the script had integrity and it advanced the story.

Wild Thing’s comment…..
File this under the I don’t get it category!
Global warming and nudity?? Just seeing ‘Al Gore’ and ‘nude scene’ in the same sentence makes my eyes hurt. And how could we forget this quote by Al Gore, ” don’t want to diminish the threat of terrorism at all, it is extremely serious, but on a long-term global basis, global warming is the most serious problem we are facing.”…..
…HUH Al?? Hell’s bells you mean global warming is worse then the threat of terrorism?? I think Islam missed the memo on that!

Jack says:

He is the pompous ass of the party, just exposing his sanctimonious face in public is nudity enough.

Wild Thing says:

Jack hahahaha it sure is.