03 May

Howard Dean: The Gift Who Keeps On Giving


Howard Dean: Karl Rove Guiltier than Osama Bin Laden

Democratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean is telling reporters that there’s no doubt top White House aide Karl Rove is guilty in the Valerie Plame Leakgate case.
Three years ago, however, Dean urged caution when it came to assessing the guilt of Osama bin Laden, whose role in the Sept. 11 attacks, he said, should not be prejudged.
“There’s no question that Rove was the one that leaked the information about the CIA agent’s name,” Dean told MSNBC’s Nora O’Donnell on Friday.
But when it came to the Al Qaida terror chief, Dean insisted that bin Laden was innocent until proven guilty.
“I still have this old-fashioned notion that even with people like Osama, who is very likely to be found guilty, we should do our best not to, in positions of executive power, not to prejudge jury trials,” he told the Concord Monitor in Dec. 2003.
The guiltier-than-bin Laden Rove, said Dean, is “a big liability for the administration,” since he “continually reminds the American people that the president wasn’t truthful about firing leakers, in addition to not being truthful about a number of other things.”
He pledged that if Democrats win back Congress in November, they’ll launch a new round of investigations into supposed White House corruption.
“No doubt there will be investigations because there’s been so much corruption in the White House and the vice president’s office, even the Republican Senate president is under investigation for insider trading.”
Asked whether Democrats would try to impeach President Bush, Dean told O’Donnell: “It’s possible.”

Wild Thing’s comment……
Howard Dean is like Catnip for conservatives. Demos are proving that they are unstable and frankly crazy. OMG LMAO Hey Howard, hate to tell you, Bin Laden admitted doing the deed.

BobF says:

Dean and the other Democrats need to get a life as they are so fixated on Valerie Plame. They act like she was a James Bond type 007 agent. She was nothing but an analyst, a paper pusher geek and nothing more. Just because you work for the CIA doesn’t make you an agent.
If working for the CIA makes you an agent, then every one in the Navy must be either a Navy Seal. The administrative clerk stationed at Luke AFB must be a F-15 pilot. The person who cleans the floors at the local hospital must be a doctor, and Louie Lipshit must be an actor because he works in Hollywood at a convenience store.

BobF says:

The problem with those examples I gave above is that people actually believe those things. When some people find out I retired from the Air Force, they start asking me what it’s like to fly jet fighters. If they find out I’m originally from NY State, they start asking if I know their friend that lives in NY City. If you’re in the Army or Marines, people automatically assume you killed someone in combat. If you’re a cop, people are always asking you why their isn’t a law against certain things. If you sell car parts, people automatically assume you can diagnose what’s wrong with their cars, over the phone.
The Democrats are playing on the stupidity of people in the Valerie Plame case. They know people will automatically assume she was an agent because she worked for the CIA. Democrats NEVER allow little things like facts and truth to interfere with their fabrications.

Wild Thing says:

Bob your first comment on this…..I am laughing so hard here. And you are right too, a lot of people think like that.
Bob……”Democrats NEVER allow little things like facts and truth to interfere with their fabrications”……..Nick and I get so furious when we hear them lie (which is all the time) and their lies are as obvious as rain pouring down and they would be standing in it and telling the world there is no rain.
Thank you for commenting on this.