25 Jan

“I will not cry in public, I will not cry in public, I will not….

Reuters Photo of Senator Harry Reid after Alito Vote
Tue Jan 24, 3:44 PM ET
Democratic Leader of the U.S. Senate Harry Reid (D-NV) pauses while talking about the results of the vote in the Senate Judiciary Committee of the nomination of Samuel Alito for Associate Justice of the Supreme Court while on Capitol Hill in Washington January 24, 2006. The committee voted in favor of Alito and will now send his nomination to the floor of the U.S. Senate for a full vote. REUTERS/Larry Downing

Wild Thing’s comment………
Dems are full of sour grapes as they are having a fit over Alito. They are experts at turning fine wine into vinegar.
Aww heck…they would botch vinegar too.

RightToCarry says:

No foolin WT. Little boy Harry sure looks like he’s about to start bawlin… Great graphic with Dean and the drunktard Kennedy. ROFL, Democrat Whinery, great stuff.

Wild Thing says:

Hi RightToCarry,giggle thank you.

Rhod says:

I can’t look at Howard Dean without seeing the goofball in second grade who WANTED everyone to beat him up, who was always pulling at the seat of his pants and picked his nose for lunch.

Wild Thing says:

Rhod, OMG hahahahahahaha
too funny!!!