10 Jan

Sen. Jeff Sessions (R.-Ala.) Took Kennedy To Task

Kennedy Asserts Alito Is Racist….from Human Events Online

Among Sen. Teddy Kennedy’s many complaints about Samuel Alito, the one that caught the attention of Republicans today was his assertion that Alito is a racist.
“In Alito’s 15-years on the bench, Judge Alito has not written one single opinion on the merits in favor of a person of color who alleged race discrimination in the workplace.”
Moments later, Sen. Jeff Sessions (R.-Ala.) took Kennedy to task, leaving the liberal Massachusetts senator shaking his head.
Sessions cited three cases in which Alito demonstrated that “all Americans receive equal protection of the laws, regardless of race.”
Among them:
U.S. v. Kithcart: In this case, Alito said the Constitution doesn’t allow police officers to racially profile black drivers. His opinion, citing a violation of the 4th Amendment, stated: “The mere fact that Kithcart is black and the perpetrators had been described as two black males is plainly insufficient. … Officer Nelson could not justifiably arrest any African-American man who happened to drive by in any type of black sports car.”
Brinson v. Vaughn: Alito ruled that the Constitution don’t allow prosecutors to exclude black jurors. In his ruling, Alito granted the prisoner’s habeas petition. He said the Constitution guarantees “that a state does not use peremptory challenges to remove any black juror because of his race. Thus, a prosecutor’s decision to refrain from discrimination against some African-American jurors does not cure discrimination against others.”
Zubi v. AT&T: Alito authored the lone dissent in which he called for an expansive view of civil rights laws. In this case, the plaintiff sued his employer for firing him on the basis of race. While the majority ruled against the plaintiff’s claim based on the time it had taken him to bring his case, Alito rejected that argument. The Supreme Court later vindicated Alito’s view in a unanimous decision.
Mr. Bluey is editor of Human Events Online.

Wild Thing’s comment…….
Acutally Kennedy asserted that a Mr. Alioto was a racist. The numbnut can’t even get his name right. Not only is Alito not a racist, but he wouldn’t leave a woman to drown so he could salvage a political career. love it when Sessions hands Kennedy his a$$ like this. Tah dah!
Mary Jo Kopechne was unavailable for comment.

BobF says:

Teddy Kennedy depends on the fact that his followers are too stupid to research is allegations and will take his word as gospel; typical democrats. He did a similar thing concerning the student who claimed he was investigated for checking out a communist book from a library. When the story turned out to be a hoax, Kennedy said it didn’t matter as it conveyed what he wanted to get across; lies don’t matter as long as they support his allegations.

Wild Thing says:

You are so right Bob, he sure does count on the stupidty of his followers. It amazes me how people almost worship him. I noticed it every time I went to Boston. ugh! I love Boston it is a great city, but the Kennedy’s are like idols there. ick!

Rhod says:

Nice photo of Teddi Bin Swimmin, Wild Thing. It scared the cats out of the room. Is he dissolving in alcohol solvents, or is the Simian thing a side effect of the monkey gland injections? The man’s head is as big as a dumpster and just as charming.

Wild Thing says:

RHOD, roftl too funny. I love it! Thanks for commenting. Hugs to you kitties.