14 Dec

Saddam Wants New Shoes

Baghdad – Two years after being pulled from a “rat hole” in Iraq, former strongman Saddam Hussein is demanding clean clothes and new shoes, while his countrymen focus on this week’s crucial election. The rest of the article HERE.
Wild Thing’s comment……
What an idiot court this is to even listen to demands of Saddam. Saddam has gone from terrorizing a country to whining about SHOES!
Here you go shoes for the evil dictator!

Close up…….

TomR says:

Wild Thing, send this to SondraK. She has a shoe fetish thing. She may post this and give ya credit for your site.
Your site is fun, fun, fun!

Wild Thing says:

Hi Tom ok I will send it to her. (giggle)
Thank you so much for liking my blog.

Tyler D says:

The need to get him a matching tie.

Wild Thing says:

Tyler hahahaha good idea. hahaha

Lee says:

How tasteless… Those shoes clash with his ‘cuffs HUGE!! BWAAAHAAHAA! 😉

Wild Thing says:

Lee, hahaha nothing but the best for Saddam….NOT. haha
I don’t think he deserves good taste.
Thank you for your comment.

Lee says:

I just came across your blog. Very nice, I’m enjoying it!

Wild Thing says:

Thank you so much Lee I am so glad.