13 Dec

A Statesman’s Funeral For Tookie?

Executed gang leader’s supporters say he deserves a statesman’s funeral

Can you believe it? Yes I know what else should we expect?!!?
SF (AP)…………………..
“The argument over whether convicted killer Stanley Tookie Williams was a man of peace or a death-row con artist raged on after his execution Tuesday, with supporters announcing they would give him a funeral “befitting a statesman.”
Tookie and his feelings about killing people………………….( from NY Daily News)

“After Williams blasted a football-sized hole in Albert Owens’ back as he lay face-down on the floor of the 7-Eleven where he worked, the gang leader laughed about the “gurgling” noises the 26-year-old divorced father of two made as he died, according to trial testimony.
“And after Williams gunned down Yen-I Yang, 76, his wife, Tsai-Shai, 63, and their daughter, Yee-Chen Lin, 43, when he robbed their family-run motel, he bragged of killing “Buddha-heads,” according to his pals’ testimony.”

Wild Thing’s comment
Here ya go Tookie, a Stateman’s funeral just for you!

BobF says:

That is definitely a funeral fitting someone of his caliber.
It’s too bad it took over 20 years to bring him to justice.

LindaSoG says:

Forgive the language but… This is the man who, according to court transcripts, mouthed to the jurors “I am going to get you motherfuckers.”
hmph. liberals.

Wild Thing says:

It sure is Bob, I agree. I heard too that his stupid childrens book only sold 350 or something and the lefties made such a big deal about it being such an important thing he did. sheesh! They all make me sick!
Thanks for your comment.

Wild Thing says:

Exactly Linda, he did say that and he meant it too. He would have killed them if he had a chance. Thank you for adding that.