06 Dec

A Democrat Sends A Death Wish To A Soldier

Joshua Sperling received a card from an apparent well wisher. Sent by a child, perhaps, or an adult wanting to make it look like a child sent it.
The outside of the card……………….

Who is Joshua Sperling? He is a U.S. soldier that is at Walter Reed Hospital recovering from a gunshot wound he received in Ramadi, Iraq.
Joshua Sparling
c/o Walter Reed Army Medical Center
6900 Georgia Avenue N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20307-5001
How kind, someone had taken the time to write one of our wounded soldiers a card. But this card was not like any other card. This card carried a DEATH WISH for Joshua Sperling!!! Apparently the envelope wasn’t kept so the origin of the card is unknown.I don’t believe that!!!! I think they very much have the envelope and just do not want to tell the John Q Public just who it is that sent the card, or one of us just might show up on the freaks doorstep with a ticket to Gitmo for him/’her/or the kid! (or worse if I had my wish answered for this vile, evil person.
The inside of the card…………………………………….

I am aware no one has said that it was sent by a Democrat, BUT GIVE ME A FREAKEN BREAK here!!!! Do you know of any Republican that has protested the war and the soldiers at Walter Reed Hospital??? OR ANYWHERE ELSE FOR THAT MATTER IN ANY PROTEST GROUPS ? HELL NO !!!!
So I say a Democrat, a sleazy low life, mother!#$%^& Democrat is there any other kind?????? I think NOT! THere must be a special place in HELL for this kind of person to do something like this.
To send a lot of cards……bundle multiple cards in one big manilla envelope and send them to the Red Cross office and they will distribute them. Mail to:
Red Cross
Walter Reed Army Medical Center
6900 Georgia Avenue NW
Heaton Pavillion
Washington, DC 20307
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Deeply Disturbing Behavior

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… But We Support The Troops!

Can someone explain to be exactly what type of person would coach their child to write this screed? This is well beyond the pale.

A Disgusting Death Wish To A Soldier

Joshua Sparlingc/o Walter Reed Medical Center6900 Georgia Ave NWBldg. 2 Ward 57Washington, DC 20307-5001 That is the address of a soldier that received one card. That Card written in a child’s hand wished him death. That card was the only one that he …

TomR says:

I have to wonder, who is capable of the most vile, sick, brutal and malicious acts. Islamoterrorists or dimocraps?

Michael Crook is an Asshole

But then, we already knew that, didn’t we? Michael Crook is a Pathetic Little Jackass The Truth About Michael Crook So you sent a death wish to a soldier recovering at Walter Reed. You tried your very best to undermine…

scott says:

Its interesting to me how many of you(in your righteous indignation)have seized on this letter as an excuse to wallow in hatred for democrats in general.You know I often read(at these forums)how Liberals are supposedly incapable of dealing with an issue in a logical,meaningful way,then I visit this forum and find nothing but petty vindictivness.I honestly hope that one day we all(conservatives and liberals) will be able to discuss these things in a constructive and meaningful way…but I’m not going to hold my breath.

Wild Thing says:

Scott here is one of the many places you are wrong. YOU should be extremely upset by what this person did to one of our troops. But you are not! You are ONLY upset that those of us that do care about what this vile person did (to our service man)are ticked off at the dems. The man that did this as we have since found out who it was, IS a liberal, a DEMOCRAT which does not surprise us in the least.
Soooooo Scott you are full of it and as far as I am concerned one of the many enemy from within our own borders. I never want to sit down and have any kind of constructive discussion with you, as it would be a total waste of my time. So good don’t hold your breath. hahaha

afram asmar says:

how can someone send these words to a hero whose defending our freedom well jesus said forgive them because they dont know what they doing.we salute you and all the soldier around the world a speialy in IRAQ you always in our prayers and minds GOD bless you all we love always
afram asmar01/20/06
and family