25 Nov

Bomber Bloodies U.S. Troops Toy Giveaway & a Hospital

Bomber Bloodies U.S. Toy Giveaway
BAGHDAD, Nov. 24 — A suicide attacker steered a car packed with explosives toward U.S. soldiers giving away toys to children outside a hospital in central Iraq on Thursday, killing at least 31 people. Almost all of the victims were women and children, police said.

U.S. military helicopters ferried the top U.S. officer in Iraq, Army Gen. George W. Casey Jr., from base to base so he could deliver Thanksgiving greetings and encouragement.

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The vile death seeking terrorists also targeted and bombed a civilian hospital in Mahmoudiya that is 20 miles south of Baghdad.
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Wild Thing comment….
These so called human beings, the terrorists have such a hate that even children cannot soften their evil hearts. Our troops have to go through so much, and a lot that even at their blogs they cannot discuss or share with us. My biggest hope and prayer is that they always know 1000% that we are for them. That we are so very proud of them and we do realize the sacrifices they make for us, for America, and for the world. There are several Dems in each of the two offices where I work and I keep reminding them that our troops are fighting for them too. I will NEVER let a leftie in my presence off the hook with their BS.
And to our Troops………..always know we way out number the sicko lefties.

Iraq Toy Story

Thirty-one victims, mostly women and children. This the bloody outcome of the last kamikaze attack organized by the so-called “insurgents”, the one our pacifists consider the last resource against American imperialism. A suicide bomber steered a car …

TomR says:

I bet those lefties in the offices cringe at the thought of saying the wrong thing.
Thanks for your patriotic spirit and support for American troops and veterans.
Followed ya here from SondraK, another spirited patriot.

Wild Thing says:

Hahaha Thank you!
Two of the Dems have actually said to me that they are glad we were attacked on 9-11, that we deserved it. One has a hero and guess who it is………. Abby Hoffman. I about fell out of my chair when he said this to me.
Sondra is great, thank you for coming by and commenting.

The Thanksgiving Gift From Al-Qaeda

You want to throw leaflets and not bombs at the terrorists. You want to come to a gunfight armed with a knife. Well good luck, you can kiss goodbye to that liberty you hold so dear, and treasure as the banner on your flag of democracy.