18 Nov

God Be With Our Troops and America- It Is A Showdown

I just got home from work and went to Drudge to see what was new.
Right off the bat I got hit in the face hard with this………….
GOP to Dems: Pull Troops Now? Okay, then let’s vote…
Troop resolution Tonight; hitting the House floor between 5:45 and 7:45…
Ultimate showdown…

What is happening to America where did it go? The Democrats want to throw in the towell, they hate America, our Military and are pure evil!
I am shaking and can hardly type, this is a bold move by the Republicans, very smart but dangerous too. Like put up or shut up kind of thing. I am praying with each letter I type that we will not pull out, and that this will end the left’s socialists take over of our country.
If they vote to pull out I am so afraid what will happen to our troops. The insurgents will be even worse then they are now while I troops are still there. All hell is going to break loose!
Please pray everyone!!!
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BobF says:

These terrorists don’t just want to kill American Soldiers; they want to kill everyone who stands in their way. They’re killing other Muslims and blowing up Mosques. They’re even going after Arabs in other countries. They are fighting for control of not only the Muslim world but eventually the whole world. It’s a religious war to them and their eternal “salvation” depends on it. I don’t think most Americans have any idea of the type of people these Islamic Terrorists are. They don’t want peace or compromise, they want to rule unconditionally.
If we don’t stop them over there, were going to have to fight them in the streets of America.
Congress needs to back off and allow the Pentagon to “unleash the dogs” and get the job done. That’s the only way this thing is going to end.

Wild Thing says:

Bob you are right about everything you said. I just finished watching it on C-Span and the whole time I kept thinking and praying for our troops and for America. I couldn’t breath all the way just anxious about the outcome.
Those that have been negative should be ashamed of themselves. I just pray our troops know in their hearts there are more of us then the screaming left.
Thank you for your wise response.

chrys says:

Where is your confidence! You know these people where just putting on a show – IF you have not witnessed the results – you will like this clear and simple link about the results from BIG DOG.

Wild Thing says:

Hi Chrys, thank you! I know I didn’t have any confidence.
Thank you for the link.
Sometimes I just worry when it comes to showdowns with Dems. I mean with so many rhino’s out there.
Thanks again.